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NYE Kid Friendly, Themed Party Ideas

by Team Skillmatics on July 01, 2021

An overview

New Years Eve (NYE) is coming up and you’re probably contemplating throwing a party to bring in the New Year. With all large-scale social gatherings on halt with the Coronavirus, a small gathering with close friends/family is probably your best bet. This NYE let us help you by doing all the planning! Not to worry, we have some foolproof ideas for a guaranteed night of fun for kids and parents alike. 

Our ideas

Host a Space explorers (an idea taken directly from one of our most popular games) night: Set up a space-themed party with comets, shooting stars and the constellation this NYE. 

For the food: Bake star-shaped sugar cookies and then decorate with the marbled effect. See here. Mini-pizzas are always a win but what if they represented the phases of the moon? It’s all about the cheese to sauce distribution.

For the decor: See this Pinterest for inspiration. Think rocket balloons, space-n-fetti (using scrap pieces of paper at home), cut-out stars (DIY-ed with glitter), etc.

For the games: You could even set up a horoscopes bar and stargazing. And play space-themed games like Space Explorers (of course)!

Have a “The Greatest Showman” themed party: The set and costumes are inspiration enough and the circus is an easy theme to plan for! 

For the food: Re-watch the movie at home with your kids and try to see which foods they eat throughout. This activity will crack you up. This movie screams grand but real at the same time. Bake a layered chocolate cake and then go crazy with the gold spray? This Mom has some superb ideas

For the decor: Think circus stripes, tents, hula-hoops and popcorn buckets. See this page for more inspiration. I prefer DIY to store-bought because you can get more creative + involve your kids.

For the games: Games such as dots and mazes  are always fun and this can serve as the appetizer but creating large-scale mazes and activities such as a hoola-hoop or gymnastics station fit more with the circus theme. Spin art is on our agenda soon!

Celebrate with a NYE Fashion Show: This idea has all of the glamour of the iconic ball-drop in Times Square, without being possibly overrated (sorry New Yorkers!). 

For the food: Think classy fruit spreads. Chocolate-dipped strawberries are a strong contender. Sparkling water infused with mint? Watermelon coolers. Finger foods. 

For the decor: Build a mini-ramp at home. This could be low-lying stools put together or anything else that can hold weight. Lighting is everything! Set up a spotlight at the end of the ramp and mood light the rest of the room. 

For the games: Start brainstorming and creating outfits using our Doodle & Draw Write and Wipe mats. Then create the outfits or other props during the first half of the party and play the part of the models/adoring fans for the second half! Some of my favorite childhood memories include putting on fashion shows for my family. 

Plan a Masterchef Sit-down Dinner: An idea that is slightly more “grown up” but one that kids will enjoy regardless. The multi-course element is fancy enough to make it special. 

For the food: Think a multiple course meal. Plan a degustation menu. Or if not, plate it up. Appetizer, first course, second course, third course and then dessert! For the masterchef-esque element, have multiple contestants (guests) compete to create the same dishes and then dedicate the evening to sampling each dish.

For the decor: Set the table beautifully. Think fresh flowers and candles. You want the setting to be elegant and create a restaurant like feel. Place settings and coasters! Have chef hats on hand and offer each guest a “take home” dessert option as well.

For the games: Start brainstorming and writing down recipes, once again using our Doodle & Draw Write and Wipe mats. Have timers for the meal preparation and use cooking as the primary activity to bring people together. Those adults/kids who are less inclined to cook can be in charge of the invitations, decor or drinks.

Create a Safari-themed experience: Set up your favorite Nat Geo documentary or episode of Our Planet by Attenborough and decorate the room to match the scenes depicted on-screen. 

For the food: Think safari. Minimal ingredients but fresh, seasonal and local flavours. Create ‘picnic hampers’ which you strategically place around the room. Sandwiches, cherry tomato salad, etc for savoury and cookies, berries for sweet. 

For the decor: Think grass, trees and the wilderness. Now is the time to bring your potted plants indoors! Create a zen atmosphere that is soothing while watching the documentary. Perhaps bouquets of wild flowers or an indoor vine?

For the games: Animal-themed activities (of course). Try our game Animal Kingdom and our Guess-in-10 Animal Planet version. Other favorites include Awesome Animals and Hungry Hippos


With the right guests, good music and good food, your child will have fun no matter what you do! Our suggestions will come alive even more with your creativity. Happy NYE!


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