10+ Easy Drawing Ideas For Kids To Bring Out Their Inner Artist

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. Surely you’ve heard this timeless adage that takes on a new meaning when we consider the artistic endeavours of children. Far beyond mere mischievousness, these little ones are budding artists, turning walls and chalkboards into canvases to pour their hearts out. As parents, we should help our little Picassos explore their creativity in a way that is both fun and (almost) mess-free.


Even educators and researchers wholeheartedly accept drawing as a powerful and enjoyable tool in helping kids grow. Children’s drawings also reveal their state of mind - emotions and feelings that remain unheard of are expressed through colours, patterns and images. So it’s safe to say that drawing not only unleashes a child's artistic side but also plays a crucial role in their cognitive development. And you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing your little one won’t be scrolling through social media or YouTube all day. It’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy some family time. Worried about the mess? Read till the end for some mess-free ideas to eliminate the concern of having to clean up while allowing your kids to be themselves!


Bring to life their imagination and ideas through drawings, and inspire your child to draw and colour on paper as much as they desire by unrolling these easy drawing ideas:

Simple Drawing Ideas For Kids That Foster Learning And Playing

Engaging your little ones in fun and easy drawing ideas can be an effective way to sharpen their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It’s the first step toward improving their pre-writing skills before they start their education. So start your little one’s drawing journey by introducing him/her to basic shapes like circles, squares, and triangles. Encourage them to participate in dot art by connecting the dots and creating cute masterpieces. This stimulates their imagination while also laying the foundation for more complex cognitive processes. Here are some easy drawing ideas for your kids that you must encourage them to try:


Cute Finger Drawing Ideas for Your Tiny Tot (1-Year-Old)

Cute finger-drawing ideas are entertaining and beneficial for your little artist. Show them how to dip their fingers in liquid paint to create adorable finger-paint wonders. Now if you’re not willing to spend hours cleaning up after your kids are done painting, Skillmatics has a range of amazing art kits such as Foil Fun, Dot It!, Magical Scratch Art etc. Want to explore them? Stay tuned! But before that, let’s unwrap some easy, fun and creative ideas to bring out your child's inner talent:

1.    Simple Hand Painting   

Place your kids’ little palms in paint and press down firmly on white paper. With the print of five fingers and a palm, give it the shape of flowers on a hill, a butterfly, or any other shapes you like! 

 Picture credit - Pinterest


2.    Vegetable Art

Cut a lady finger (okra) in half, take a piece, dip it in the paint and press it against the paper. You will find uniquely textured flowers like these.

Picture credit - Pinterest

3.    Finger Painting

Draw an oval and let your kids press their fingers following the oval’s shape to give it a bird-like shape. You can do the same following other shapes and structures as well.

Picture credit - Pinterest

Easy Drawing Activities For Toddlers (2-3 Year Old)

As your child grows, so do their abilities. Introduce them to easy drawing activities for kids using crayons, markers, and coloured pencils. The best drawing activities for toddlers are:

4.    Picture-Perfect House

Kids can draw houses using simple shapes like triangles, rectangles and squares. Start with the triangle roof, then draw a square below the roof and complete it with a square or rectangle door and window.

 Picture credit - Pinterest

5.    Tall Mountains

Simply draw a triangular peak and attach a few more lines going upward to create a mountain range. You can now use finger painting to draw the leaves and flowers throughout the lines.

Picture credit - Pinterest

6.    A Boat on Water

Begin with straight lines to create the foundation of a boat. Add a square atop for the boat cabin structure, and complete it with a triangular sail. Use wiggly lines to represent the water body.

Picture credit - Pinterest

Fun & Easy Drawing Ideas For Preschoolers (3-5 Year Old)

Preschoolers thrive on fun and excitement. Fuel their imagination with drawing activities that involve storytelling. Let’s unwrap a few easy drawing ideas for them:

7.    Lush Trees

Start drawing your tree with a V-shape, draw two lines downward around the V to create your tree bark and add an oval around the bark to signify the thick green tree head.

Picture credit - Pinterest

Easy Sketching Ideas For School Kids (6-12 Years)

Easy drawing ideas for school-going kids can be a fantastic way to unwind and process their emotions and thoughts. Encourage them to doodle in a sketchbook or create a visual diary. Some simple drawings for school kids are:

8.    Friendly Scorpion

Draw a large oval sideways, add two small circles at the top for eyes and follow the rest of the steps to bring your drawing to life!

Picture credit - Pinterest

9.    Cute Penguin

Start by drawing the penguin with a long oval, and proceed with its face, body, flippers and feet.

 Picture credit - Pinterest

10. Pretty Butterfly                                    

Let your kid experiment with colours by drawing and colouring butterflies. Draw a skinny oval first, add a round shape at its top and draw wings and antennas along with it.

Picture credit - Pinterest

4 Tips For Parents To Create Mess-Free Drawing Activities For Kids

Drawing activities with your kids is incredibly fun, but the thought of a messy aftermath can be daunting. Fear not! Here are some tips to create a mess-free drawing experience:


  • Choose a dedicated area for drawing to contain any potential mess.
  • Buy washable markers, crayons, and paints for easy cleanup.
  • Place newspapers or old sheets under the drawing area to protect surfaces.
  • Dress your little artists in aprons or oversized shirts to prevent staining good clothes.


Let your child's love for drawing intensify, and help them learn through play. Skillmatics offers a range of educational games and toys designed for kids of all ages for an exciting, mess-free experience. Engage your little one in DIY art and craft activities using our Ultimate Art & Craft Chest to exercise their artistic potential, and watch their creative journey begin!

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