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12+ DIY Mother's Day Card Crafts for Kids

Mothers go above and beyond to show their love for us. From all the things we can give our mothers, a beautiful card with a heartfelt message always stands out. From the charming surprise of a pop-up heart card to the delicate beauty of a handcrafted flower arrangement card—these homemade unique 


Mother's Day cards are full of warmth and care, ideal for expressing our gratitude and love! 

As we pour our hearts into these card craft creations, we not only celebrate the special occasion of Mother's Day but also the remarkable role our mothers play in shaping our lives with their unwavering love and support. Each card becomes a canvas for expressing our immeasurable love and admiration for Mom, culminating in her heartfelt declaration of her as the 'No. 1 Mom'!


So let's explore 10 creative yet easy Mother's Day crafts ideas for kids.

10 Creative & Easy Mother's Day Card-Making Ideas For Kids

Discover the world of creative crafts with these 10 kid-friendly Mother's Day card-making ideas, which provide an enjoyable way to express your love and gratitude to your Mom. 

Handmade Flowers Bouquet Mother's Day Card

Cut out vibrant paper flowers, arrange in a bouquet design on the card, add stems, and adorn it with anything you like.


Pop-Up Hearts Mother's Day Card

Fold a piece of cardstock in half, cut out a heart shape along the fold, and glue a smaller heart inside on a folded strip to create a pop-up effect card.https://www.pinterest.com/pin/114771490476027766/

Fork Flowers Mother's Day Card

To create a fork flower card, you can use a paintbrush to add vivid leaves and stems to the flower designs you have created by dipping the back of a fork into paint and pressing it onto paper.


Handprint Mother's Day Card

Trace your handprint onto cardstock, cut it out, and then use markers or paint to add embellishments to make it appear like flowers or other designs for a personalised touch. 


Potato Stamp Mother's Day Card

Cut a potato in half, carve a simple design, such as a heart or flower, into the cut side. Then dip it in paint and stamp it onto paper to create personalised patterns for a unique card. 


Stickers Mother's Day Card

Decorate cards using a variety of stickers, arranging them in patterns or designs to express your loving thoughts and messages.


Washi Tape Mother's Day Card

Layer the card using colourful washi tape strips to create beautiful patterns or designs. Trim the edges to create a neat look and embellish as desired.


Ribbon Heart Mother's Day Card

To make a card using ribbon, draw a heart shape on cardstock. Secure the ends with glue and add buttons or bows for extra flair.


Balloon Mother's Day Card

For a fun and wacky-designed Mother's Day card to make, cut out or draw balloon shapes from card paper, embellish with stickers or markers, and add strings.


1 Mom - Mother's Day Card

To let Mom know she's the best, cut out the number "1" from cardstock, embellish it with glitter or markers, and affix it to the front of a card with a meaningful message.

5 Mess Free Greeting Card Ideas From Skillmatics Foil Art Kit

Discover the limitless creativity of our Card Making Foil Kit with these 5 elegantly simple greeting card designs, created to ignite the imagination with magical foil art from Skillmatics.

Cake Greeting Card

With 100 coloured foil sheets and 300+ foam stickers, you can create an appealing cake-themed card and add glitter and shine to celebrate important events like Mother's Day with a sweet touch.

Little Hearts Greeting Card

To make an easy handmade card for a mother that reflects warmth and love, a delightful card embellished with little hearts is perfect, sparkling with the attraction of foil art.

Balloons Greeting Cards

Let your imagination run wild with bright balloon design cards, resulting in happy greetings that add joy and excitement to the Mother's Day celebration.

Thank You Greeting

Give a meaningful card with glittering foil accents to show your gratitude in style. Every shimmering element in your card will add to the message of appreciation.

I Love You, Mom Greeting

Give Mom a touching card that captures the warmth of your loving heart and is embellished with sparkling foil to show her how much you value her.


These 12+ easy homemade Mother's Day card crafts for kids are a great way to show moms how much you care and love them uniquely and memorably. Every craft speaks to the unique connection between a mother and her child, from creative expressions of gratitude to simple yet profound designs.


Skillmatics offers an innovative solution for mess-free art and craft kits with their Foil Fun Art Kit. Children's artistic fantasies can come to life with 10 picture canvases, 100 coloured foil sheets, 10 foam sticker sheets (with over 100 foam stickers), and googly eyes. Parents can rely on the ease of shipping and returns for a hassle-free experience!

FAQs On Handmade Cards for Mother

Please Suggest A Message For Mom In A Mother's Day Card?

The loving message you can write for your mom in a Mother's Day Card is, "The best gift I've ever gotten, mom, is your love. I'm thankful for your invincible support and boundless love today and every day."

What Materials Do I Need For These DIY Mother's Day Card Crafts?

To create Mother's Day card crafts, you need many materials, such as paper, scissors, tape, coloured pencils, etc. But to make things easier, consider getting Skillmatics crafts kits. We offer every resource you need in a handy package.

How Can I Ensure The Cards Are Safe For Young Children To Make?

With age-appropriate patterns, clear instructions, and non-toxic materials, our kits guarantee that children will have a fun, safe, creative outlet to express their love.

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