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3 Indoor Activities For Kids To Decrease Their Screen Time

by Team Skillmatics on February 22, 2024

How is it going, parents? Do you feel that your kid is glued to the TV or tablet screen way more than you’d like? We are here to help you shake things up and get your kids moving with some amazing sitting games for kids. More than caring for your child’s vision, indoor games for kids can also be instrumental in keeping a number of psychological issues, such as depression and anxiety at bay. This is because research has shown that screen time and children’s health are related in a much more profound manner than what we might comprehend. Excessive indulgence in screen time can have a detrimental impact on your kid’s emotional stability and intellectual levels. (1)

We have put together a list of screen free games for kids at home that shall help you get your kids' precious gaze away from the glow of screens and into a world full of fun, learning and creativity. So, come along as we unravel exciting ways to bust boredom and look for ways to cherish playtime together!

Benefits Of Decreasing Kids' Screen Time

Here are some noteworthy benefits of encouraging your kids to enjoy screen-free games:


  • Works Wonders For Their Physical Health

By decreasing screen time, kids tend to be more active which can be very good for their overall fitness levels. This reduces the chances of obesity and also keeps other health related issues away. It also creates a good mood and results in a more positive outlook for your kid.

  • Promotes Mental Well Being

By limiting screen time and playing indoor games for kids, children can experience decreased stress levels in the long run. This also helps in reducing their anxiety levels and fostering better mental health and emotional stability.

  • Social Skills

When children play screen-free games, they spend more time with family and friends. This improves their communication skills and enables them to build meaningful relationships.

  • Improves Their Sleep Pattern

By reducing screen time before bedtime, you can promote improved sleep quality in children. This is because the blue light emitted by TV screens can disrupt one’s natural sleep-wake cycle and cause disrupted sleep.

  • Better Cognitive Skills

By playing interesting games for kids at home, children can actively participate in activities that boost creativity, problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, and various other attributes that lead to better cognitive development and thus lead to better academic performance as well.

  • Encourages A Healthy Lifestyle

Limiting screen time will let your child explore other forms of entertainment apart from TV and online games, enhancing their cognitive skills. This inculcates healthy habits in children that can last a lifetime.

Indoor Activities To Keep Kids Away From Screen Play

If you are looking for the best games for kids at home, check out these options from Skillmatics:


  • Grocery Set

This Toy Grocery Set is great for pretend play, and trust us, your kid will love it! There are 100+ sturdy play food pieces for an imaginative cooking and social sharing experience. This indoor game is perfect for counting, sorting, and recognition skills and also encourages healthy eating habits for children.

  • Rapid Rumble

This screen free rapid rumble game combines speed and wit for hours of entertainment!
This game comes with 120 category cards, 100 letter cards, a timer, a wooden die, and an instruction manual for the whole family to spend quality time together.

  • My Storybook Art Kit

Let your kid explore their creativity with Skillmatics' Storybook Art Kit! It has writing prompts, stickers, markers, etc., to empower your kids to become authors and amazing storytellers.
Get your hands on this indoor game for kids and allow your child's imagination to soar high!

We hope that the above-mentioned indoor activities for kids will help you put together a screen free play time for your children. From parents to teachers and other caregivers, everyone can incorporate these activities into the kids’ daily routines and help them develop new skills while strengthening bonds with loved ones.

From Grocery Set to Rapid Rumble, we believe these learning activity games from Skillmatics will be excellent additions to your little one’s play time.


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