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4 Fun and Simple Holi Drawing Ideas for Kids

by Team Skillmatics on March 15, 2024

While Holi is already known as the ‘festival of colours’, your tiny tots may not be old enough to participate in the madness, rush, and celebrations of Holi. But little ones still take the most interest in this colourful event. So how do you keep them around colours, without actually allowing them to be drenched in colours? Simple! Keep your toddlers busy with these easy Holi drawings at home. So this Holi, on 25th March 2024, don’t fear the colours! Let your little ones splash colours on paper and hone their creativity.  

Easy Holi Drawings for Tiny Tots: Feel the Colour of Holi Festival

Are you short of Holi drawing ideas? Want to explore a list of Holi drawings for kids that they also feel proud to show off? Just dive into this list of Holi scene drawing ideas that will spark your child's imagination, and will also bring a splash of joy to your home:

1. Water Balloon Fun

Draw real-life inspired colourful Holi drawings where kids and adults are throwing water balloons at each other and enjoying the authentic essence of this vibrant celebration.

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2. Holi Celebration with Family

The real fun of Holi lies in celebrating the festival with friends and family. Portraying this emotion through a Holi festival drawing helps your little ones understand the sentiments associated with the event.

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3. Community Holi Play

The original joy of Holi lies in playing with colours in the community one resides in. When seniors, juniors and adults come together to celebrate Holi with respect and zeal, the beauty of Holi celebration exudes. Inspire your kid to breathe life in a similar Holi theme drawing and instil the thought of community Holi play in them at a young age.

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Mess-Free Holi Drawing Ideas for Kids

While you now have a great deal of Holi-related drawing ideas handy, you might be hesitant about letting your kids dive into messy art projects. But fear not! Your toddler can still enjoy their Holi celebrations indoors with exciting arts & crafts activities by Skillmatics. We've got you covered with some mess-free Holi drawing ideas that are as fun as they are tidy. Let’s take a look at them: 

1. Under the Ocean Clay Art Kit

When paints are out of the picture, clay paints are in! If your kids are bored of drawing only using pen and paper, it’s time to make colouring fun through this clay art project. Skillmatics' Colour with Clay kits are perfect to let your toddler spend their time experimenting with a mess-free art experience. With scenes representing life under the sea, this clay art set allows your child to sculpt and create their colourful masterpieces without any clutter. This clay art set not only keeps your kid busy in gadget-free tasks but also sharpens their hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness and reasoning skills. 

2. Pups At The Park Clay Art 

Another engaging clay art kit, this fun, mess-free activity game lets your little one's imagination soar. From growing love and compassion for puppies to being their most creative selves, the benefits of this Holi art kit are indeed commendable. The crafting tools that come with this set help your child be innovative with their approach to clay art and create unique patterns on the pups as they wish. This game is perfect to unleash their creativity without parents having to worry about stains or spills. 

As the festival of colours is knocking at the door, it’s time to check out the art kit sets you want to give to your tiny tots. These engaging Holi drawing ideas by Skillmatics encourage your little ones to express themselves through art and creativity.

And if you're looking for more ways to keep your kids entertained and engaged, check out Skillmatics' range of arts and crafts kits and brain puzzles. From foil fun games and scratch art, to reusable activity mats and puzzle combos, there's something for every little artist and thinker to enjoy. Check out our collection today! 


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