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5 Reasons Why Kids Should Play Sports

by Team Skillmatics on July 01, 2021

5 Reasons why kids should play sports? There are a number of benefits of playing sports for kids.

1. Improve physical health

5 reasons why kids should play sport, it brings physical health benefits to anyone who takes to the field and children are no different. Rather than reminiscing about how you never wasted so much time in-front of the TV as a child. Ensure your kids are excited by sport and all the health benefits will immediately follow.

2. Lifelong well-being

The older a child gets involved in sport, the less-likely they are to consider it an important part of their lives. Less chance you’ll have of securing their interest as they progress into adulthood.

Sport is a great avenue for promoting a healthy lifestyle and this feeds into a number of other areas of life. For example, those who consistently play sport are more likely to be aware of the healthy food choices they need to make in order to perform.

As an adult, your position as a positive role-model is vital. Make healthy lifestyle choices and promote regular exercise as a parent and your children are likely to follow suit.

The physical advantages to playing sport are well-documented but that’s not the only boost you’ll get to your well-being by getting out and about. A fit and active body has been proven to translate into a fit and active mind. Reduce stress and increase mental health by getting your kids active.

3. Invigorate friendly competition

Sports can be used as a motivational tool for improving skills, boosting confidence and making it a love rather than a chore. Which links back to one central pressure point that applies to sport – it’s intrinsically competitive nature.

Recreational sport is great for meeting new people and enjoying a leisurely romp around a playing field, but many of the other sporting benefits are only possible from a (healthy) competitive environment.

4. Learn valuable life-lessons

We’ve touched on this point a little earlier. Sport is great for instilling an attitude in children that success and rewards comes off the back of hard work.

Using sport to harness the learning of these life lessons bodes well for the future. Knowing that nothing comes for free and success is better when you’ve worked hard to achieve it is something they can carry forward into education and employment.

5. Breed academic success

Ultimately, we all want what’s best for our children. Sometimes that could translate into thinking sport is more of a distraction than a benefit.

On the contrary, a number of studies highlight how exercise can have a direct influence on your success at school. Studies have found that taking part in team sports as an extracurricular activity has a consistent and significant effect on student’s grades which includes a higher probability of them progressing to higher education.

And it makes sense too. Sport is known to give you more energy throughout the day, helping to think clearer and be more creative. It sharpens focus, enhances your mood and can even improve your memory.

Basically, sport is one of the key ingredients your child needs to stay physically and mentally healthy. This has a direct influence on how they perform both at school and as an adult.

An absolute no-brainer.


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