6 Cute Return Gift Ideas To Bring A Smile On Your Little One's Face

Attending a birthday party isn’t less than a fiesta for little kids. From dressing up to the nines to getting their hands on amazing return gifts, everything is so dreamy for them! To match up the enthusiasm of your little guests, it is important to pay intricate attention to the choice of party favours. If you are planning a birthday party for your little one, chalking down the best return gift ideas is going to be a crucial part of your planning.


To help out, we’ve put down a list of return gift ideas for birthday parties that will help you in the planning process. 

Unique Return Gift Ideas for Kids' Birthday Party

Why not give the little guests something truly unique as a surprise, instead of the typical candy or usual boring toys? We've put up a list of unique return gift suggestions from Skillmatics that will make kids happy and help them remember your child's birthday celebration for years to come. Let’s check ‘em out!

  • Foil Fun

Foil fun art kit is a great return gift idea for kids to get creative, exercise their imagination and create beautiful images - all while reducing their screen-time! You can browse through Skillmatics and choose from a wide range of themes to match the return gifts with the interests and preferences of your tiny guests.

  • Reusable Activity Mats

Reusable activity mats are the best kind of return gift ideas for kids, to keep them engaged in a creative and constructive way. From boredom busters to space explorers, you can choose from a wide range of themes on Skillmatics. 

  • Do It!

If you are looking for fun and educational birthday return gift ideas for kids, the dot it craft kit is going to be a great pick for you. Children can use easy to peel stickers to create attractive images. There are 500+ stickers and 4 double sided canvases in each set that adhere to different themes. 

  • Guess In 10

Skillmatics’ Guessing card games are perfect for testing a child’s knowledge and stimulating their interest in different categories. This is one of the best return gift ideas for kids who love to learn and discover new things. 

  • Rapid Rumble 

Rapid Rumble is the fastest, cleverest and funniest category game! Roll the dice, set the timer, and get ready to discover animals, things, culture, science, and nature as you play this exciting game! Aside from being an excellent return gift idea for kids, it can also enhance the charm of fun family game nights. 

  • Fun With Foam

Let your child’s imagination run free with these no-mess stickering art activities. Kids can use foam stickers to decorate animals, unicorns and a variety of other things as they let their creativity soar. 

Educational Benefits Of Skillmatics Cute Return Gifts Ideas 

The following educational benefits can be attributed to Skillmatics’ return gift ideas:

  • Promotes Learning Through Play

Choosing return gifts for kids' birthday parties from Skillmatics will let you gift something meaningful, yet fun to your little guests. Each return gift is tailor-made to impart meaningful skills for your children.

  • Boosts Cognitive Abilities 

Each game and activity from Skillmatics has been crafted with expert guidance by a team of global educators, with the aim of helping children hone their problem solving skills, presence of mind, and cognitive abilities. 

  • Promotes Critical Thinking

Educational games are beneficial for the development of critical thinking in children. Kids also develop fine motor skills, learn strategic planning and have lots of fun while exploring these games.  

  • Helps In Making Education A Fun Experience 

Educational return gifts on Skillmatics impart a hands-on learning experience for kids in a subtle and enjoyable manner. This instils a love for learning through play in children. 

  • Teaches The Value Of Teamwork

By promoting the values of creativity, imagination, and teamwork, birthday return gifts for kids from Skillmatics do a great job of fostering a playful learning environment.

  • Means Of Intellectual Growth

The above mentioned return gift ideas won't just entertain your little guests, but will also reinforce the intellectual growth of their young minds.

As we conclude our exploration of fun and educational Return Gift Ideas from Skillmatics, we can envision the joy on those little faces as they receive these thoughtful tokens of happiness. From Guess in 10 to Rapid Rumble, each game brings with it a promise of smiles and learning. Go on and pick out the best return gifts for kids to create a lasting impression and lots of joyful memories!

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