7 Fun And Creative Valentine’s Day Activities For Kids

Love makes the world go round, and our children are the centre of our worlds and hearts, where they truly deserve to be. Let's celebrate the month and the day of love with our little ones. Shower them with your unconditional love and time, indulge in some fun activities, and let them experience this divine emotion's joy and power. These efforts will help mould them to be joyful, expressive, loving and caring human beings and make this world a better place, one happy child at a time.

That sounds interesting? 

Continue reading as we unravel some really fun and creative Valentine's Day activities to do with kids, making this day extremely special for you and your little one.

Set The Tone For A Fun-filled and Memorable Valentine’s Day With Valentine’s Activities For Kids

A room buzzing with a child's excitement, squeals of laughter, and palpable zoom-tastic energy is where love blossoms and is the perfect environment to nurture a child into a kind, loving, and caring individual. Here are some squeal-inducing Valentine's Day craft ideas and drawing activities you can do with your munchkin on Valentine's Day.  

1. Make Valentine's Day Cards

Classic always stays in style; start Valentine's Day by making unique love cards with your little ones. Indulge your child in preparing a paper heart craft using the Skillmatics Fun Foil Art kit and witness those tender little hands work their magic and unleash their imagination and creativity while using over 100 foam stickers and sparkly foil sheets to express their love for you. Cards with stickers, hearts, and glitter would be the perfect Valentine's art to start this special day.

2. Chocolate Makes Everything Sweeter

Chocolate is synonymous with this special day of love, and to make things even sweeter, how about making something delicious together to share? Involving your child in baking would be another fun thing to do jointly. They can help measure ingredients, mix the batter, and decorate those cookies or cupcakes with sprinkles, cocoa, or sugar dust. Then, see the toothless smiles on their faces and glints of pride sparkle in their eyes, making the sinkful of soiled dishes and the mess in your kitchen completely worthwhile.

While you tend to clear the mess in your kitchen, let your child have some fun with Skillmatics Dot It No mess skill art kit, which will help develop your child's fine motor skills and foster their imaginative and creative sides.

3. Get The Party Started

Put on your dancing shoes, play some foot-tapping music, and groove to the music with your child. It's the perfect way to express love and joy. Seeing your energetic and enthusiastic kids get down and move to the beat and work their magic is something you will cherish and would love to capture on your phone. After the dance and music party, have a Skillmatics jungle party, a great family card game to make fun and exciting memories.

4. Narrate A Story

Their little ears perk up when they hear stories, and their little eyes light up. Reading books about love and friendship is another excellent way to spend quality time with your child on Valentine's Day. Give vent to their creative minds and let their imagination flow when they give shape to the characters of your story with Skillmatics Snip Snip fun game, a level-based learning journey of fun designed to develop and hone their artistic skills.

5. Let’s Go Out & Play

Unplug, unwind, and connect as the playground awaits! Ditch the screens and go out and play with your child. Skillmatics Rapid Rumble Outdoor | The Educational and clever category Game of tag is an excellent outdoor game to play, connect, learn and tap into your child’s genius side—something you would genuinely enjoy doing together.

6. Roll The Dice

This time, ditch the movie marathon and let family fun take centre stage. Get together, let the dice roll, laugh, indulge in a board game, and see your child’s face glow. End your Valentine's Day on a high note by playing Skillmatics Guess in 10: Harry Potter board game, something you all will truly enjoy being a part of.

Final Thoughts

Valentine’s Day is great for expressing your love and emotions to your child; indulging in fun Valentine’s activities mentioned above accompanied by warm cuddles and hugs goes a long way in their overall emotional well-being and self-esteem.


Introduce your child to Skillmatics' world of arts and crafts games- a game for every age! This will foster an environment where learning is fun and enable your child to hone his or her creative and imaginative skills.

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