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Beyond the Classroom: Tips for Encouraging Learning Through Play Beyond School Hours

The journey of learning doesn’t stop within the four walls of classrooms. Rather it extends far beyond the classroom for effective learning. As a parent, if you’re seeking educator-approved activities after school to teach your child how to think or help them in thinking out of the box, you’ve hit the jackpot! Here we have rounded up a list of educational activities for students that best support your children's education outside of school hours:

Exploring the World Beyond the Classroom

Education doesn't end when the final school bell rings. It’s an ongoing process that can continue throughout life. It’s safe to say that some of the most valuable lessons are learned outside the confines of traditional classrooms. So let’s find out the proven ways for how to teach to kids:  

Encourage Outdoor Games

While parents might dread the outdoors for their child’s safety, it’s the great outdoors that unrolls endless learning opportunities for young minds. Skillmatics games like Rapid Rumble Outdoors or Seek & Splash are some of the best in this category which help kids grow self-esteem, independence and self-confidence. 

Increase Creativity Through Arts and Crafts

Almost every kid takes a great interest in arts & crafts. Spending time with art kits for kids, such as no mess sticker art kits like Foil Fun, Dot It!, Snip Snip and a whole lot more in Skillmatics’ collection help children tune their motor skills, language proficiency, social development, teamwork skills, coordination and creative thinking abilities.

Cultivate a Love for Reading

The more kids remain engaged in activities after school, the more they will discover new concepts and ideas. When they are introduced to something new, they might take help from books to understand the topic better. It helps them grow a habit of regular reading sessions and turns them into lifelong learners.

Encourage STEM-Based Games

We live in a world that revolves around STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) concepts. It’s one of the best fields of education that helps kids establish a strong, thriving career. So being introduced to STEM concepts through STEM toys for kids 3 years old and older helps them learn how to collaborate, think logically and critically, enhance fine motor skills, better experimental learning and so on.

Social Skills Through Playdates

While kids might interact with each other during school hours, arranging playdates with other kids after school hours is also beneficial for their growth and development. Interacting with peers helps them develop strong social skills like communication, cooperation, and empathy. It helps kids bond with each other and establish lifelong friendships. 

Incorporate Role-Playing and Pretend Play

There are no better activities after school that can help kids hone their imagination and creativity than Skillmatics’ pretend play sets. These make-believe role-playing games let children be anything and everything. Whether it's Pretend play kitchen toys or a Let’s Make Pasta Set - pretend to play food, there are endless options of pretend play game sets at Skillmatics. 

Create a Learning Environment at Home

The only way to help teach kids to think beyond the box is by giving them unlimited access to educational toys at home. When kids’ regular playtime includes a range of learning resources, you become able to reinforce the idea that learning is a continuous, lifelong journey.

Encourage a Positive Attitude Towards Learning - Let Kids Explore

Above all, maintain a positive attitude towards learning in your children. Only when they learn to think outside the box, do they take a step forward in life to become successful. Like learning how to tackle problems and how to get rid of them. Exploring, embracing challenges and welcoming opportunities for growth are the only ways to become curious, resilient, and enthusiastic learners.

Browse through the kids’ games collection at Skillmatics to find the most effective ways on how to teach kids, and help enhance your kid’s ability to think outside the box.  Our selection of educational toys for kids comes under the kids' age range and game category. So if you're looking for toys that impart life skill lessons for elementary students, then check out our list of games and pick the most suitable one for your little munchkin!

FAQs on teach kids to think beyond the box

What are some examples of play-based learning activities?

Puzzles, pretend play, outdoor games, arts and crafts, STEM-based games, role-playing, and even card & board games are the best educational activities for students.

How can I encourage my child to learn through play beyond school hours?

The only way to encourage your child to learn through play beyond school hours is by introducing them to fun, learning and engaging activities after school.

Why is play-based learning important for children?

Play-based learning promotes cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development in children. It encourages creativity, problem-solving, cooperation, and resilience among children for lifelong learning and success.

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