Fun To Learn: 15 Preschool Kids' Activities

How many of you have heard that preschoolers need to be left free to play and anything that is remotely connected to education and reinforcement can be started off once they get an inch closer to their school time?

Well, we believe that play activities for preschoolers need to be designed very carefully as your child’s mind is very fertile at this time. He/she is basically hankering to learn something new each day. If the preschool activities are only about thoughtless play and fun, you are hindering your kid’s ability to get a head start on some of the most important foundational concepts and skills.

In this blog, we shall talk about some of the best preschool learning activities that will embody the essence of learning through play.

Fun Learning Preschool Activities Ideas For Kids

If you are thinking of some fun activities for preschoolers, you can take a look at the following activities:

1.      Finger Painting

Children can use their fingers to create art on chart paper. This is a great way to enhance hand and eye coordination in kids. It also works wonders for their sensory development.

2.      Mess-Free Activity

If you want your kids to be engaged in mess-free fun actually, you can check out the Foil fun by Skillmatics. This will let your kid create fun and exciting pictures of stars, astronauts, etc., with sparkly foil sheets. In addition to being a great play activity for preschoolers, it is also a great pick for moms as they won't have to worry about cleaning up the mess left behind.

3.      Colour Sorting Game

This is an amazing pre-nursery activity for encouraging kids to identify colours. You can keep an assortment of fruits or anything else in different colours in front of your kids. After that, you can help them differentiate those products based on their colour. This game works wonders for reinforcing colour recognition skills and sorting abilities.

4.      Shape Machine

This is also a very interesting preschool learning activity. You and your kid can try fitting different shapes in matching places on a board game or activity mat. This is truly a super fun and interactive activity for enhancing recognition skills in your child.

5.      Number Hopscotch

You can draw a hopscotch grid with chalk and add numbers to the grid. As you hop and put your hand on the numbers, this preschool activity will become instrumental in helping your kid learn the art of number identification and sequencing.

6.       Play Syllable Head and Shoulders

You can sing head, shoulder, knees and toes to your kid by playfully inserting syllables. This is an outstanding preschool learning activity to help kids learn about language development and communication.

7.      Practice Rhyming With Blocks

You can use alphabet blocks and create rhyming words from each alphabet. Kids love grooving to rhymes and it will help them to playfully learn alphabets as well. In fact, these rhymes become so deeply etched in the hearts and minds of kids that they tend to remember these cute songs when they grow up.

8.      Alphabet Sensory Bin

You can create a bin of alphabet-shaped blocks or foam boards with alphabets. Encourage your child to take out all the blocks and boards and simply play with them. By touching and playing with different alphabets, your child’s cognitive skills will get heightened and he/she will be able to recognise alphabets as well.

9.      Printables

You can check out Skillmatics’ search and find reusable activity mats in which you can play various games pertaining to different topics like shapes, colours, vegetables, fruits etc. This is a wonderful play activity for preschoolers as it helps them hone their imagination and creativity.

10.  Boredom Buster

You can choose different activities for preschoolers from the list shared here. You can make your own games as well to creatively bust boredom while having a great time with your little ones. Skillmatics’ reusable activity mats have different activities that will keep you kid engaged as they learn different educational concepts.

11.  Scratch Art

Skillmatics has magical scratch art kits with different themes that can be enjoyed by your kid. The surface of black art paper can be scratched with a stylus to reveal fun and exciting designs.

12.  Fruit Fun

Skillmatics’ play food grocery set is perfect for pretend play. You can acquaint your kid with different vegetables, fruits, snacks etc. This play set will let your kid get to touch and feel different eatables which will boost their ability to recognise things.

13.  Wooden Puzzle

This is a nice board game that you and your family can play together. Take a wooden board with puzzle pieces on it. Shuffle the puzzle pieces on the floor and then arrange them on the wooden board with your kid’s help. This is also a very engaging thing to do with play schools that work on their coordination and motor skills.

14.  Fine Motor Pizza Shop

If your child loves pretend play, this could be an excellent pre nursery activity for him/her. Collect all the ingredients that might be used for making a pizza and spread it all in front of your child. After that, you can help your little one pick up and arrange the ingredients to create a yummy pizza.

15.  Play Dough Play

Playing with modelling clay is one of the best things to do with a preschooler as it allows him/her to get as creative as they want and experiment with different colours, shapes and sizes of clay. Kids can even assemble different pieces of clay to create beautiful designs.


The joy of hand-holding your kid through the journey of play and learning is priceless! We hope that the above-mentioned kid's activities will help you and your child to spend some lovely time together as you learn fundamental concepts while creating priceless memories. From the magical world of pretend play to the creativity unleashed on activity mats, we are super excited for you and your child as you embark upon this alluring journey of learn-through-play. As you read along this path, Skillmatics will be your trusted companion all through the way.


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