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How to Teach Your Kids to Have Polite Conversation?

by Team Skillmatics on July 01, 2021

Having polite conversation is definitely one of the most important things a child must be taught. In order to teach them to be polite as a parent you must encourage them to speak. The more they speak the more you can guide them on how to speak. Studies suggest that all conversation is good for your young ones. What can you start with? Talk about your day and encourage your little ones to talk about theirs. Did they enjoy the food in their lunch box? What did the teacher teach them today?

Dinner table conversation – The ideal place to start finishing school is at the family dinner table. Yes, you read that right! If you want to teach your kids about conversation the family dinner is what you start with. And no, no one can speak with their mouths full and listen to others while chewing loudly or even with an open mouth.

Be patient – Now that you have enough to talk about, who gets to tell it first? How do you teach excited children to wait their turn to speak and not interrupt others? Well, you do it like you always must – take turns yourself and not interrupt them when they speak. You may have to step in a few times to curb the excitement and stay on course, but eventually everyone appreciates an audience that listens patiently and learns that they must be one to have one.

Listen with full attention –  When your little one speaks, don’t be distracted or engaged somewhere else. Do not get on the phone or engage with other things when your child is talking to you. We can’t emphasise it enough. Nothing kills a conversation faster than a digital device. So make eye contact with your child when they’re talking and do not multitask. Listening attentively will inspire them to do the same when it’s your time to talk. Always remember, they learn from you. Everyone enjoys a good conversation. Engage your little one in a conversation today and watch them grow up to be engaging conversationalists. An added bonus? Their language skills will blossom and they will know what is happening in the world as well! So what are you waiting for? Start talking now!    


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