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Learning with Educational Toys That Keep Flying Off the Shelves

Kids start learning when they are born. Evidence shows that they can even learn while in the womb. So as a parent, it’s important to find the right tools to unlock the full potential of your toddler's early brain development. Skillmatics’ collection of educational toys can be the perfect games for your little munchkin. These captivating play tools not only entertain your tiny tots, but also help them learn and engage. So let’s dive right into this guide where we'll explore how parents can use the power of educational learning toys to nurture their child's cognitive, emotional, and social development.

How You Can Cultivate Your Child's Mind with Educational Toys?

As parents, we all want what's best for our children, especially when it comes to their cognitive development. Educational toys offer a unique opportunity to engage your child's curiosity and creativity while keeping them engaged in games that also help them grow essential skills like  problem-solving, fine motor skills, and language development.

Imagine your little one gleefully stacking colourful foil sheets, solving puzzles, or exploring the world of shapes, numbers, and colours. These seemingly simple activities lay the foundation for crucial cognitive abilities that will serve them well throughout their lives.

But it's not only about intellectual stimulation. Brain development toys also play a vital role in nurturing emotional intelligence and social skills. Whether it's playing pretend with kitchen toys or engaging in Rapid Rumble outdoors with peers, these learning toys for 5-year-olds provide valuable opportunities for your child to learn empathy, communication, and teamwork.

A Look at Different Types of Educational Toys

There are endless toys for brain development for 1 to 2-year-olds in the collection of Skillmatics to suit their interests and developmental stages. Here are some examples of educational toys for 2-year-olds: 


If you want to introduce your little one to the basic concepts of science, engineering, maths and technology from a young age, the best educational toys are from the STEM collection. These toys are designed to spark curiosity towards learning various concepts used in STEM studies. As your kids spend time with our Buildables Hydraulic Launcher | STEM construction toys or Buildables 3D Spy Glasses | STEM construction toys, they will enhance their problem-solving skills, memory, and spatial awareness.

Art Kits for Kids

Kids always take an immense interest in arts and crafts. The mental stimulation kids receive from spending fun playtime with top art kits like My Storybook Art Kit or Fun with Foam help them become confident in their skills, sharpen their imagination and urge them to explore the world around them. Kids’ art kits also make them work together which can help them learn how to socialise and work as a team. 

Toys for Social Development

Educational learning toys that make kids work as a team are the perfect playtime tools to help them develop social skills and emotional intelligence. Cooperative plays such as Skillmatics Block Game: Strike 7 or Guess in 10 have always been known as excellent learning games that encourage non-stop interaction among peers for problem-solving, making plans and winning as a team.

Choosing the Right Educational Toy

With so many brain development toys available on Skillmatics, choosing the right toy for your child can feel overwhelming. Here are a few tips to help you make the best selection:

  1. Choose educational learning toys that your child takes an interest in. While learning is important, keeping a track of whether the game keeps them engaged or not, is equally important. 
  2. The best toys for brain development among 1 to 2-year-olds are games that offer open-ended playtime. These toys allow your child to explore ideas, and experiment with them freely.
  3. It’s recommended to choose educational toys for 2-year-olds that are durable, safe, and made of child-safe materials. Quality toys like the ones found on Skillmatics are more likely to withstand the test of time and provide the best value throughout your kids’ learning journey.
  4. Parents must always rotate educational toys regularly to keep things fresh and exciting for their children. Introducing new toys and activities in their playtime routine can hone essential skills and promote continuous learning.

While parents often consider toys to be mere play items, educational toys from Skillmatics are not just playthings; they're powerful tools for unlocking your child's true potential. Incorporating these toys into your child's playtime helps them to grasp learning essentials, and set them on a path to success. So why wait? Invest in Skillmatics’ educational toys today and watch your child explore new knowledge, skills, and creativity. Check out Skillmatics’ games collection and drive your child to endless learning adventures!

FAQs on Educational Toys That Keep Flying Off the Shelves

Which toy is the most developmentally appropriate for an 18 to 24-month-old child?

My Quiet Book | Sensory Activity Book and Flash Cards for Toddlers | Letters, Numbers, Shapes & Colours are some of the best toys for an 18 to 24-month-old child. 

What are the best toys for child development?

All the brain development toys listed on Skillmatics are the best toys for childs development as they encourage active engagement in team play, and hone skills such as problem-solving, creativity, and hand-eye coordination.

What are good toys for a 3-month-old?

High Contrast Flash Cards for infants is a good toy for a 3-month-old, as they help develop their cognitive skills and encourage visual stimulation.

What toys hinder development?

Toys that are overly simplistic or lack opportunities for engagement and exploration may hinder kids’ development. Parents must also avoid toys that revolve around violent or aggressive behaviour as they can have negative effects on a child's social and emotional development. It's important to choose educational toys that are age-appropriate, safe, and conducive to kids’ learning and growth.


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