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Mother’s Day Ideas 2020

by Team Skillmatics on July 01, 2021

7 ways to celebrate Mother’s Day in 2020!

Mother’s Day is an annual reminder for your kids to cherish their relationship with you! Given the unique circumstances this year, with some preparation and creativity mothers can be given the Mother’s Day they deserve – even if it’s in quarantine!

1. A Mother’s Day Card/Book

Let kids enjoy the task of creating something truly special for mom this mother’s day.

We at Skillmatics have created a super fun, DIY personalised story book! Let your children explore their creativity as they complete these interactive printables to show you how much they care!

2. Breakfast in bed 

Make mom feel special by showing up at her door in the morning with a tray full of pancakes, eggs, or any other brunch favorites and nice a cup of coffee .

3. Coupons for mom

Kids can create thoughtful and personalized coupons to give moms that she can use throughout the day. Examples – Mom’s choice movie night, 1 chore of mom’s choice, A 30 minute mom nap, washing the car, help with gardening etc. 

4. A Mother’s Day slideshow 

Another Mother’s Day celebration can be is to create a slideshow. It can include baby pictures, vacation pictures or collages along with messages as a slideshow. Play mom’s favorite song while the pictures are being shown, this is a very thoughtful gift and mom’s are sure to love it! 

5. A customised music playlist

This is one of the wonderful ideas for a Mother’s Day celebration, especially for the tech-savvy moms. One can build a playlist with all of their favourite songs or songs from their time. This will surely bring a smile on their face as they won’t have to search for their favourite songs online. 

6. A spa treatment at home for mom

Chances are that mom is in desperate need of quality R&R. While she might not be able to get the full spa experience at home, Kids can check a few things off her ever-growing list like manis and pedis. Grab a few nail polish options  (or press-ons, if it’s easier), and let her sit back and relax.

7. Take a virtual dance class together

Mom has always been your go-to dance partner. Now more than ever, you both need to tap into the joy that dancing brings. Take a virtual cardio dance class like zumba, or go for something more zen like a yoga or pilates class.


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