Navigating YouTube Kids: Award-winning Screen-free Games That Kids Love

If you got paid every time you heard people condemning young parents for exposing their children to mobile or iPad screens, we are sure you would be able to amass quite a collection!


In this day and age, keeping your kid away from the screen can be an uphill task. Although you cannot mitigate it all together, we do recommend having a judicious mix of kid's screen time and screen-free games.


In this blog, we will talk about some award-winning screen-free games by Skillmatics that will help carry out your kid’s playtime in the most enriching manner.

Why Is It Crucial To Limit Screen Time For Kids

When we talk about a kid's screen time, it is important to understand that one has to make a conscious effort to utilise the efficacy of screen time, otherwise it can have detrimental effects on your child’s mental and physical health.


If your child watches YouTube and throws a fit every time you try to get him/her to engage in some other activity, it’s time to overhaul your kid's screen time routine. After all, what we see on TV is just make-believe. If we fail to divulge our kid’s attention to more subjective and ‘real’ things, it will be very easy for them to feel a certain kind of disconnection from the real world.

Award-Winning Screen-Free Games To Reduce Screen Time For Kids

Here are some top rated screen free activities for tweens and kids from Skillmatics, that are definitely going to appeal to you and your child:

1. Flashcards (High Contrast & LNSC)

This screen-free game is perfect for children who are 1 year old or younger. It is a great way to stimulate your child’s growing eyesight and visual development. Instead of staring at the bright colours of a television screen, opt for Skillmatics’ high-contrast baby flash cards to create a visually stimulating experience for your little one.

2. Foil Fun

This is a creative, no-mess and screen-free activity for kids. They can use sparkly foil sheets and stickers to create amazing and colourful pictures. You can choose your favourite foil fun art kit from a variety of themes for something that matches your kid’s interests.

3. Rapid Rumble

If you want to reduce screen time for kids and are looking for fun ways to distract their attention from the TV screen, Rapid Rumble is the perfect pick for you. Skillmatics has given a unique and enriching twist to the game of Tag to make it as exciting for your child as can be!

4. Guess in 10 (Marvel)

These trivia-themed card games are a great way to test your child’s knowledge. Guess in 10 games are available in several themes on Skillmatics for you to choose from.

Navigating platforms like YouTube can be a fun experience for your little one, provided you exercise control over what your kid is watching and for how long. Less screen time and more play time should be the mantra, and, to that end, Skillmatics’ range of kids’ learning games can be of great help in reducing screen time for kids and getting them to engage in something more authentic, credible and positively stimulating.

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