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Outdoor Games For Kids In India

As the old saying goes, “children are like clay, we need to mould them”

While today’s kids are often glued to their screens, it affects their ability to learn efficiently. They lose their clay-like flexibility and struggle from a lack of social skills and stunted fine-motor development from always staying indoors and not playing enough outdoor games. The best way to engage your little one’s in playful learning is by introducing them to outdoor games for children. Outdoor games not only guarantee endless fun, but also help them develop essential life skills. In this blog, we'll dive right into the benefits of outdoor games for kids and present an outdoor games list for kids in India that you can enjoy for the upcoming days!

8 Benefits of Outdoor Games for Kids

There are many advantages of outdoor games that parents aren’t even aware of. Let’s unpack them: 

Health Benefits

Kids remain at the top of their health when outdoor activities are a part of their playtime routine. Running, jumping, and climbing stimulate cardiovascular health, improve bone health and boost their motor skills.

Social Involvement

Outdoor games let kids enjoy social interaction amongst the same age groups, strengthening their ability to work in a team and sharpening their communication skills. New outdoor games help children cooperate with others, making them more respectful of different perspectives and letting them voice their opinions with confidence!

Fine Motor Skills Development

When kids are throwing, running or jumping, they are using large muscle groups and gaining control over them. These enhance their ability to balance, improve their hand-eye coordination and make them more physically fit.

Sensory Development

As outdoor games for kids challenge them to be creative and strategic, they refine their senses and are able to find quick solutions to problems. These games are also a great tool to nurture their cognitive development.

Strong Immune System

Outdoor games are all about body movements and exposure to sunlight and fresh air. Such exercises help make children more resilient to illnesses, strengthen the lymphatic system, and keep them healthy and fit.

Brain Development

Social interaction and sensory stimulation during outdoor games to play improve kids’ attention span, brain activity and cognitive functions. The concept of winning and losing, and controlling their emotions improves the functionality of their frontal cortex. Kids learn to abide by game rules and welcome a set structure in their lives.

Creativity and Imagination

The more kids engage in open-ended play, the more they can explore their imaginary world and show the same qualities in real life.

Problem-Solving Skills

Negotiating obstacles, strategizing game plans, and overcoming hurdles instils problem-solving skills in children, preparing them for real-life challenges.

8 Must-Try Outdoor Games Ideas For Kids’ Growth

As you’re now well-informed about the benefits of outdoor games, we’re here to save parents from the hassle of scrolling the web to find a list of outdoor games. Let’s check them out right here: 

4 Traditional Outdoor Games For Kids


A traditional Indian game that combines speed, agility, and teamwork, it helps keep the body young and strong. The flexibility of body movements and coordination among players during the thrilling chase makes this game perfect for kids.


A high-energy contact sport that originated in ancient India, this game tests players' strength, agility, reflexes and ability to hold their breath as they try to tag opponents and return to their half of the court.


Want your kids to spend more screen-free time? Lagori can be the ideal game to help kids interact with each other and improve their hand-eye coordination during their aim to knock down the stack of stones while defending their own.

Kancha Marble

A classic game where players use marbles to hit and knock down other marbles out of a ring, it’s a game that requires precision, cognitive sharpness and strong motor skills.

4 Trendy Outdoor Games List For Kids

With the previous outdoor games list for kids, you can include these new outdoor playtime ideas to keep your kids entertained and away from the negative exposure of screens: 

Rapid Rumble Outdoor 

A fast-paced fun outdoor game that makes kids think fast, sharpens general knowledge, offers physical stimulation and educates them on various topics from the young age of 6, Rapid Rumble outdoor game is all about protecting your game bands with this new version of tag! 

Smart Scavenger Hunt

Make outdoor games fun by turning popular treasure hunts into smart scavenger hunts with a twist! This Skillmatics scavenger hunt game Found It! comes with prompts, where kids have to find items according to the hints on the cards. The one who solves them the first, wins! 

Knock Down and Build Up

Skillmatics Strike 7 Block Game is a strategic game where two teams compete against each other, aiming to knock down their opponent's tower of blocks while protecting their own block tower. This super exciting outdoor game sharpens gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination and helps kids think innovatively as a team. 

Scout It Out

Scout it Out is another Skillmatics board game that parents can include in family game nights, picnics or regular kids' playtime. It’s a game to introduce kids to the world map, countries across the globe and to help them learn new and interesting facts. Parents can make their little ones aware of the world through this game, and pique their interest in global geography. Is there any better way to educate kids other than through playing? Customers also readily agree on the Skillmatics website how well-built this board game is. So rough play during the game is not a concern for parents!

With this list of outdoor games, we hope you are now aware of their benefits for children's physical, social, and cognitive development. Parents can design their kids’ playtime routines including traditional favourites like Kho-Kho and Kabaddi with contemporary games from Skillmatics like trivia board games and more. You can find lots of fun-filled indoor and outdoor games on Skillmatics, that can keep kids busy inside and outside the home without them being online. So, let your kids gather their friends and enjoy their childhood's best moments with an adventure into the great outdoors!


1. Which is India's most played outdoor game?

Kabaddi is India's most played outdoor game amongst kids.

2. What is the best outdoor activity for kids?

The best outdoor activities for kids are Hide and Seek, Hopscotch, Kho Kho, Bean Bag Throw, Jump Rope, Hula Hoop, Lattoo, Chor Police, Kabaddi and more.

3. How can I ensure the safety of my kids while they play outdoor games?

Ensure the safety of your kids during outdoor play by educating them about the dangers, what to do if they come across danger, keeping your phone number in their pockets, establishing clear rules, supervising the field or area where they play, and doing your best to create a safe play environment. Encourage children to wear protective gear and teach them to play responsibly while enjoying the lush outdoors.

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