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Winged Wonders: 9 Butterfly Art Activities for Children

by Team Skillmatics on March 22, 2024

Butterflies are fascinating creatures that arrest the gaze and imagination of the beholder with their vibrant and graceful colours! When children engage in art activities inspired by these winged wonders, it doesn’t just spark creativity but also provides educational opportunities to learn about butterflies, their life cycles, and their habitats. No matter if your child is an art aficionado or simply curious about nature, butterfly activities offer an interesting way to explore the beauty of butterflies.

9 Butterfly Art Activities for Children

We have added a list of some exciting butterfly craft ideas for kids from Skillmatics for your reference: 

Are you concerned about your child spending too much time in front of screens? 

This engaging and innovative no-mess art kit is designed for offering a delightful indoor activity for promoting creativity and learning in kids. With Foil Fun, your child can explore insect craft activities while developing their fine motor skills. 

This is an engaging and mess-free stickering art activity set with over 800 colourful foam stickers. Children can unleash their creativity while enhancing their fine motor skills as they decorate bright and cheerful animals. The activity set includes 6 picture boards and an instruction manual for easy guidance.

This mess-free stickering art activity set is perfect for children to engage in independent and creative play. Children can unleash their creativity as they decorate bright and cheerful animals. The set includes 6 picture boards and an instruction manual making it an ideal choice for creative fun.

In addition to the above-mentioned options, you can also check out these butterfly craft ideas: 

  • Making A Butterfly With Toilet Paper

As a simple butterfly craft, you can use toilet paper rolls to make colourful butterflies. Try using markers or paint brushes to give beautiful hues to toilet paper roll.

Image source - https://in.pinterest.com/pin/59039445103807640/

  • Making A Butterfly By Painting Sponge 

You can also make beautiful butterflies by painting sponges in different colours using various painting techniques. After that, you can arrange them together to make beautiful butterflies.

Image source - https://in.pinterest.com/pin/760967668359363025/

  • Baby Wipe Butterflies 

Anyone who has a little kid knows the importance of baby wipes! You can check out various tie-dye techniques to give charming colours to baby wipes and create unique butterfly designs.

Image Source - https://in.pinterest.com/pin/595249275730950533/

  • Butterfly Mask Craft

Why just draw, let your little one flaunt their love for butterflies with a cute Butterfly Mask. To make this butterfly mask all you need is hard paper sheets. Cut out two holes for the eyes and the shape of the butterfly. Design your masks using glue, glitter, sequins, foam shapes, or any other ideas you may have. Once dried, make a little hole on either side of the butterfly and secure it with an elastic band to make your mask wearable!

Image Source - https://in.pinterest.com/pin/558376053811512860/

  • Making Butterflies Using Coffee Filters 

Simply grab some coffee filters, markers, and water from the pantry to make these easy and entertaining tie-dye butterflies. This simple activity is perfect for small hands. If you are looking for easy ways on how to make a beautiful butterfly with limited supplies, then this is the one for you!

Image Source - https://in.pinterest.com/pin/347058715047159462/

  • Washi Tape Butterfly

A fantastic craft supply to have on hand for a range of crafts is washi tape. You can use any type of washi tape for creating beautiful butterfly crafts for kids in no time. 

Image Source - https://in.pinterest.com/pin/645985140313907326/ 

Wrapping Up

Butterfly art activities are a great way to amalgamate artistry and education while promoting a deeper appreciation for nature. You can use butterfly craft work to create beautiful butterfly wings, make a painting or a collage. Butterfly craft for kids encourages children to express themselves creatively and engage with the bounties of nature around them. So come along, gather your butterfly art kit from Skillmatics and let your child's imagination take flight! While checking out the website, you can also check out their range of art and craft kits for kids and educational games.


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