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Puzzle Playtime: 3 Interactive Puzzles for Learning and Play

Puzzle Playtime: 3 Interactive Puzzles for Learning and Play

The best way to enrich your child’s playtime is to endow it with the choice of thoughtful games that can foster critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and various other foundational concepts. Puzzles for children are specifically designed to spark curiosity in young minds as they embark upon the joys of exploration. In this blog, we have listed three educational puzzles for kids that shall set forth a playful journey of learning, laughter and many other possibilities.

Benefits Of Puzzle Games In Kids' Growth And Development

If you are wondering ‘how puzzles help cognitive development’, check out the following benefits of fun puzzles for kids:

  • Stimulates Cognitive Growth

When we use puzzles for toddlers' development, it doesn’t just elevate the chances for academic success but also improves your child’s everyday problem-solving skills.

  • Works Wonder For Your Motor Skills
When kids piece together different puzzle parts, it helps develop fine motor skills and also improves hand-eye coordination. This is an important skill for tasks like writing, typing, and other activities.
  • Patience
The art of completing puzzles requires patience and persistence. By inculcating the values of perseverance in children, they can be prepared to tackle different kinds of challenges.
  • Boosts Self Esteem
When kids complete puzzles, it can augment their confidence and self-esteem. This sense of accomplishment is very empowering and acts as a motivation for them to take on different challenges.
  • Educational Benefits
Different puzzles for children are specially designed to promote educational concepts such as numbers, letters, shapes, etc. This makes learning fun and a memorable experience for children.


3 Must Have Puzzle games for children's brain development

Here are some amazing puzzles for children from Skillmatics that will make them eagerly wait for playtime:

  • My First Puzzle Set: At The Construction Site

This set has 6 vibrant puzzles and each puzzle has a different construction vehicle. These construction puzzles for kids are thoughtfully crafted for young minds to provide them with the perfect mixture of fun and learning. Let their baby’s imagination soar as he/she puts together bulldozers, and more exciting construction vehicles with excitement and fervour.

  • My First Puzzle Set: Fruit Fun

If your little one loves fruits, this fun puzzle for kids from Skillmatics will be a great pick for you. It contains six colourful puzzles, each showcasing a different fruit. Let your child enjoy our 3-piece and 4-piece puzzles as they learn about luscious fruits along the way.

  • Piece & Play: Up In Space | Floor Puzzle & Game

Take your kid along for a cosmic adventure with Piece & Play, which is an exciting space floor puzzle game that is designed to captivate your child’s interest and attention. From twinkling stars to big rockets, each piece of this puzzle will boost your kid’s imagination.

As you and your child piece together the playful elements of different types of puzzles for kids, it shall help you create priceless memories of shared smiles and knowledge. The above mentioned puzzles won't just entertain but also boost cognitive growth and development. So, come along and browse through an impressive collection of brain puzzles on Skillmatics to experience a lot of joy while laying the basis for a lifetime of love for learning and creativity.

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From Cart To Kitchen: Kitchen Set Ideas For Little Tots

From Cart To Kitchen: Kitchen Set Ideas For Little Tots

When we talk about a child’s holistic mental and physical development, the value of playtime cannot be understated. Pretend play toys kindle imagination, boost problem-solving skills, encourage social interaction, foster teamwork, and empathy in children. To that end, kitchen playsets can do wonders for your child’s creativity. From whipping up imaginary cakes to hosting a magical tea party for their furry friends, kitchen sets can broach immense opportunities for exploration, social skills development and role-playing. So, come along as we embark on an adventurous journey of kitchen set ideas, for a make-believe culinary experience.

Benefits Of Pretend Kitchen Set In Kids Development

We have put together a list of benefits of role play toys for kids for holistic child development:

  • Creativity and Imagination
A pretend kitchen set is a great way to propel your kid into imaginative play. This will allow your children to conjure imaginary scenarios, cook up interesting stories, and ring their favourite roles and characters to life.

  • Fine Motor Skills
Fine motor skills can form the basis of concentration, presence of mind and many other virtues. As your kids play around with kitchen utensils, pots, and pans while engaging in pretend play, they shall learn all about manipulating objects for their intended purpose.

  • Visual Recognition
As your child experiments with pretend food items, they will sharpen their visual recognition skills. It will happen as a result of their constant practice for identifying different shapes, colours, and textures. It also promotes cognitive development.

  • Planning and Organisation
Kitchen food toys will naye your child set up a pretend kitchen, plan meals, think ahead, strategize, and carefully organise their play area. This is a great way to learn planning and organisational skills.

  • Social Skills
Pretend play toys involve interaction with other kids or adults. This fosters incredible social skills and works like a dream to develop communication skills, sharing abilities, and various other skills in your little one.

  • Teamwork
When your child engages with other kinds in a pretend kitchen setting, it promotes teamwork and cooperation. This is because, as children work in synergy to prepare pretend meals, they learn all about the value of appreciating their teammates' efforts.

Must Include Pretend Kitchen Sets in Kids' Playtime

Here are some amazing role play toys for kids from Skillmatics that will enrich your child’s playtime:

  • Grocery Set

Skillmatics’ Toy Grocery Set, contains over 100 sturdy play food pieces including broccoli, alphabet cereal etc. Each Oye e is made from durable paper board to let your kid and his/her friends enjoy imaginative cooking. Every aspect of this grocery set amalgamates creativity and learning which makes playtime fun, interactive, and educational.

  • Bento Box

Looking for something that can promote hours of interactive and independent play? This Bento box is going to be an ideal pick for you. From croissants to cucumber slices, everything will help your kid unravel the excitement of mealtime with 35+ pieces of felt pretend food.

Let your child learn all about organising utensils, stocking shelves, and being hospitable with the above mentioned role play toys for kids. These pretend toys for kids from Skillmatics are all about putting together a dash of creativity and a sprinkle of imagination, to put together a world of fun and learning for your little ones. Parents! Come gaze at your little ones as they whisk and whip while cultivating a love for creativity, fine motor skills and storytelling.

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5 Game Ideas to Unleash the Inner Astronaut in Kids

5 Game Ideas to Unleash the Inner Astronaut in Kids

Calling out to all the cosmic enthusiasts! From crossing asteroid fields to launching big rockets in outer space, each astronomy activity offers an immersive experience that supports fun through learning. In this blog, we shall talk about some amazing solar system activities for kids and also touch upon the significance of these games for scaling the limitless and playful potential of your child's playtime.

5 Games To Encourage Inner Spy Of Kids

Here are 5 amazing solar system games for kids from Skillmatics, that will literally spoil you for choice!

  • Dot it! - Outer Space | No mess sticker art

This outer space sticker art kit features 30 easy-to-peel sticker sheets and more than 500 interesting stickers, that set the stage for a fun filled imaginative play. In addition to that, it also enhances fine motor skill development and elevates their imaginative abilities!


  • Space Explorers | Reusable Activity Mats

This space explore activity mats will take you on a thrilling space adventure through engaging learning and fun. This game consists of 6 double-sided activity mats, 20 repeatable activities, 2 Skilly Billy marker pens, a duster cloth, an achievement certificate, and a welcome letter. So, come along and join the cosmic journey now!

  • Foil Fun: Up in Space | No Mess Art Kit

These Space Foil Fun Art Kits promote creativity and play-based learning through 10 picture canvases, 100 colored foil sheets, and 10 foam sticker sheets. Let your little one create amazing images of planets, astronauts, and shooting stars, and let their imagination soar high through this game.

  • Piece & Play: Up In Space | Floor Puzzle & Game

This amazing Up In Space Floor Puzzle captivates the magical universe of astronauts and space exploration. Experience the wonders of the universe with 48 jumbo puzzle pieces and 30 double-sided game cards for a gala playtime.

  • Connectors Mission Space | Domino & Tile Game

Embark upon an exciting journey through planets and galaxies, with this exciting game. Char out your course with 96 Tiles and an instructional manual for your perusal. As you explore the adventures of the interstellar realm, the possibilities are endless!

We hope that the above-mentioned space activities for kids will let you take your child on a thrilling journey into outer space while facilitating learning and endless fun. With Skillmatics’ range of space inspired games for kids, your young explorers will be all set for an odyssey among the stars!

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3 Indoor Activities For Kids To Decrease Their Screen Time

3 Indoor Activities For Kids To Decrease Their Screen Time

How is it going, parents? Do you feel that your kid is glued to the TV or tablet screen way more than you’d like?  We are here to help you shake things up and get your kids moving with some amazing sitting games for kids. More than caring for your child’s vision, indoor games for kids can also be instrumental in keeping a number of psychological issues, such as depression and anxiety at bay. This is because research has shown that screen time and children’s health are related in a much more profound manner than what we might comprehend. Excessive indulgence in screen time can have a detrimental impact on your kid’s emotional stability and intellectual levels. (1)

We have put together a list of screen free games for kids at home that shall help you get your kids' precious gaze away from the glow of screens and into a world full of fun, learning and creativity. So, come along as we unravel exciting ways to bust boredom and look for ways to cherish playtime together!

Benefits Of Decreasing Kids' Screen Time

Here are some noteworthy benefits of encouraging your kids to enjoy screen-free games:

  • Works Wonders For Their Physical Health

By decreasing screen time, kids tend to be more active which can be very good for their overall fitness levels. This reduces the chances of obesity and also keeps other health related issues away. It also creates a good mood and results in a more positive outlook for your kid. 

  • Promotes Mental Well Being

By limiting screen time and playing indoor games for kids, children can experience decreased stress levels in the long run. This also helps in reducing their anxiety levels and fostering better mental health and emotional stability.

  • Social Skills

When children play screen-free games, they spend more time with family and friends. This improves their communication skills and enables them to build meaningful relationships.

  • Improves Their Sleep Pattern

By reducing screen time before bedtime, you can promote improved sleep quality in children. This is because the blue light emitted by TV screens can disrupt one’s natural sleep-wake cycle and cause disrupted sleep. 

  • Better Cognitive Skills

By playing interesting games for kids at home, children can actively participate in activities that boost creativity, problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, and various other attributes that lead to better cognitive development and thus lead to better academic performance as well. 

  • Encourages A Healthy Lifestyle

Limiting screen time will let your child explore other forms of entertainment apart from TV and online games, enhancing their cognitive skills. This inculcates healthy habits in children that can last a lifetime.

Indoor Activities To Keep Kids Away From Screen Play

If you are looking for the best games for kids at home, check out these options from Skillmatics:

  • Grocery Set 

This Toy Grocery Set is great for pretend play, and trust us, your kid will love it! There are 100+ sturdy play food pieces for an imaginative cooking and social sharing experience. This indoor game is perfect for counting, sorting, and recognition skills and also encourages healthy eating habits for children. 

  • Rapid Rumble 

This screen free rapid rumble game combines speed and wit for hours of entertainment!

This game comes with 120 category cards, 100 letter cards, a timer, a wooden die, and an instruction manual for the whole family to spend quality time together. 

  • My Storybook Art Kit

Let your kid explore their creativity with Skillmatics' Storybook Art Kit! It has writing prompts, stickers, markers, etc., to empower your kids to become authors and amazing storytellers. 

Get your hands on this indoor game for kids and allow your child's imagination to soar high!

We hope that the above-mentioned indoor activities for kids will help you put together a screen free play time for your children. From parents to teachers and other caregivers, everyone can incorporate these activities into the kids’ daily routines and help them develop new skills while strengthening bonds with loved ones. 

From Grocery Set to Rapid Rumble, we believe these learning activity games from Skillmatics will be excellent additions to your little one’s play time.


  • https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6214874/ 
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    7 Moral Values For Kids All Parents Should Teach

    7 Moral Values For Kids All Parents Should Teach

    Hey parents! As we navigate parenthood, let us talk about one of the most vital things that literally lies at the core of our duty as primary caregivers. Yes, we are talking about the role of moral values for kids in shaping their character and future. 

    No matter what style of parenting one adheres to, the value of instilling moral values in kids is non-negotiable. 

    These values are like a guiding compass for children that plays a pivotal role in ultimately defining the kind of individuals that they ought to become. We understand that the manner of imparting the right values to your little ones can seem overwhelming as you might be unsure of how your child will receive it. Well, we are here to apprise parents and educators on the best values to inculcate in children so that we can collectively raise socially responsible kids who are empowered and righteous enough to make a positive impact on the world.

    Importance Of Moral Value In Kids' Life

    Let us take a look at some benefits of teaching moral values for children:

    • Moral values can serve as a guide for helping your child take the ethical ground while dealing with diverse situations and circumstances through their lives. 
    • One of the most valuable assets of a person is their character. By instilling moral values you can shape your child’s character that can even inspire others to become a better version of themselves.
    • Children who understand the importance of moral values are likely to enjoy strong, respectful, and trustworthy relationships with family and friends. This is because, they won’t intentionally harm, deceive or humiliate someone as they would know better than to engage in such vices. 
    • When moral values for kids get internalised in them, they shall know the importance of self-discipline, responsibility, and accountability. This will contribute to their ability to overcome challenges in a graceful manner. 
    • Through moral values, children can positively influence not just their families, but society at large as well. 
    • By learning about the best ways to impart good values to students, you can make it possible for them to lead a fulfilled life that is rife with contentment and happiness. 

    7 Moral Values That You Must Teach Your Kids

    We have listed seven moral values for children that will help in shaping your child’s perspective towards life and living beautifully:

    • Importance Of Kindness

    This moral value forms the basis of humanity. It also fans other qualities like empathy and compassion. You can encourage your children to perform acts of kindness, such as helping a friend in need, sharing toys, or offering a comforting word to someone who is sad. You can do the same with your kid and that way, they will learn by seeing. This trait is all about making a positive difference in the lives of people you come in contact with. 

    • Being Respectful 

    When we talk about the best moral values for children, respect has to be among the topmost values as it is imperative for nurturing healthy relationships. Educate your children about the importance of treating others with dignity, irrespective of various differences. Respectful children are appreciative of diverse backgrounds and preferences of different people. This makes them capable of having harmonious interactions. 

    • Honesty

    Honesty lays the foundation for integrity that fosters credibility. This trait will help your child succeed and excel in any field, as integrity is the cornerstone for success and goodwill. Make sure that you never reprimand or scare your children when they tell you the truth about any mischief. Motivate them to be truthful in their words and actions, even when faced with challenges.

    • Accountability 

    Responsibility and accountability are two of the best moral values for students.  You can do so by assigning  age-appropriate tasks to your children and reinforcing the importance of those tasks to let them know that you trust them with important work. You can also motivate them to take ownership of their actions such as completing homework on time, caring for pets, or tidying up their room. Celebrate and reward their little achievements to develop a strong work ethic in kids. 

    • The Power Of Empathy 

    For teaching the power of empathy,  you can teach your children to show compassion to anyone who is in need. When kids pay heed to the feelings of others whenever possible, they develop emotional intelligence which is a major factor for creating an inclusive society.

    • Gratitude

    Gratitude is one of the most important moral values for kids. Make it a ritual to be grateful for everything that you have. Try to foster a culture of gratitude by encouraging kids to count their blessings and writing about them in their gratitude journals. This will make them have a deep appreciation for life's little and big joys and blessings.

    • Forgiveness 

    Forgiveness is an important moral value for children as it makes it possible for children to get rid of negative emotions, and approach situations from a positive perspective. This is an excellent characteristic for safeguarding a child’s emotional well-being and also brings peace of mind. 

    As we conclude this blog on good values for students, let us recapitulate the profound impact of nurturing qualities in children. From kindness, honesty, and perseverance to sharing and integrity. When parents undertake a categorical effort to let their children assimilate these virtues, they are positively contributing to shaping the future of our society. So let's lead by example and exhibit these values in our daily lives so that our children can imbibe and embody them in a wholesome way. To that end, getting our hands on educational games such as My Quiet Book and Grocery Set from Skillmatics could also be a great way to teach some amazing foundational values to your children in a fun and interactive way.
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    Brain Teaser: 60+ Quizzes For Kids To Boost Their IQ Level

    Brain Teaser: 60+ Quizzes For Kids To Boost Their IQ Level

    IQ or Intelligence Quotient questions are categorically designed to assess a child’s intellectual potential and critical thinking, and cognitive abilities. An IQ test for kids can be presented in many formats, such as numerical, verbal questions, puzzles, etc. These questions are used to evaluate the intelligence and mental agility of an individual. In this blog, we shall explore some of the best IQ questions for kids of different age groups to pave the way for some fun cognitive exploration!

    Benefits Of IQ Test Quiz For Kids

    Here are some of the most noteworthy benefits of undertaking an IQ test for kids:

    • Through IQ tests for kids, any kind of potential learning difficulties can be caught early on. This promotes timely intervention to help children overcome challenges and enjoy their academic journey.
    • When a child completes an IQ quiz, it can boost his/her confidence. It also positively reinforces your child’s learning and problem-solving skills.
    • By engaging in child IQ tests, children can prepare for various academic tests, by polishing their analytical abilities and knowledge. 
    • Through IQ level tests, parents and educators are able to gain insights into their child's cognitive abilities. This enables them to support and encourage their child's holistic development.
    • IQ tests for kids can also be a fun learning experience for them as they get to know about different things while challenging their own knowledge. 

    Child IQ Test Questions Based On Different Age Groups

    The below-mentioned child IQ test questions will be like a peak into your child's growing mind. We have defeated the questions according to different age groups.

    IQ Questions 4 -7 Year Kids 

    • If you want to do an IQ test for kids in the age range of 4-7 years old, check out these questions:
    • Complete the sequence: Circle, Square, Triangle, _____?   
    • How many fingers do you have on both feet?
    • Name the animal that says "moo".
    • If you have three oranges and you eat one, how many oranges do you have left?
    • Where is white colour in this room? 
    • What comes after night?
    • Name six colours?
    • Which month comes after December?
    • Which are the three lights in a traffic stop sign?
    • Complete this rhyme; Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you _____.
    • What is the opposite of small
    • How many legs does a dog have?
    • Which is a fruit; a carrot or an apple?
    • What is used for brushing your teeth?
    • Spell your name?
    • Where is your nose? 
    • If you have two black balls and one white ball, how many balls are there in total?
    • What shape has four sides that are equal in measurement?
    • What is the colour of the Sun?
    • Name the number of seasons in a year?
    • How do you cover your feet?
    • What comes after Monday?
    • Let’s count backwards from 10 to 1. 


    • Which out of these two can fly; Elephant or bird? 
    • How do you write or draw on a piece of paper?  
    • What sound does a dog make? 
    • Which is the tallest object in this room?
    • If there are five fingers on one hand, how many fingers are there on both hands? 
    • Name a yellow fruit?
    • Tell me the shape of a pizza?

    IQ Test For 7 - 9 Year Kids

    Here are some of the best IQ level test questions for 7-9 year old kids:


    • Name the capital of your country. 
    • Solve this equation: 15 + 7 - 4 = ?
    • What is the area of a rectangle that has a length of 8 cm and a width of 3 cm?
    • Spell the word "cheetah" backward.
    • Name the planet known as the "Red Planet"?
    • If there are two wheels in a bicycle and three wheels in a tricycle, how many wheels does a unicycle have?
    • Arrange the sequence of these numbers in ascending order: 25, 14, 30, 18.
    • Complete the sequence: 2, 5, 10, 17, ____?
    • What word will you get if you rearrange the letters in the word "listen,"
    • What is the smallest prime number?
    • What is the square root of 49
    • How many sides does a pentagon have?
    • If a book costs Rs 20 and you have given Rs 30 to the shopkeeper, how much money will you get back!
    • Name the largest ocean in the world?
    • Name the writer who wrote Romeo and Juliet. 
    • Name the city which is the capital of France? 
    • If you have a dozen bananas and you give away two, how many do you have left?
    • What is the main ingredient in ketchup?


    • What is the measurement of a circle?
    • How many continents does Earth have? 
    • What is the value of the Roman numeral "X"?
    • Which currency is used in the United States Of America?
    • What is the opposite of love?
    • Who was the painter who made the Mona Lisa?
    • Which is the third planet from the sun?
    • Solve the equation: 9 x 8 = ?
    • How many sides does an Octagon have?
    • Which city is the capital of Australia?
    • How many months have 31 days in a year? 
    • When a liquid turns to gas, what is that process called?
    • Which is the largest mammal on Earth?
    • What is the spelling of the word photosynthesis?

    IQ Level Test For 10 to 13 Year Kids

    Take a look at these IQ questions for kids in the age range of 10-13 years:

    • If an animal has four legs and another has twice as many legs, how many legs does tbe other animal have?
    • Solve the equation: 18 ÷ 3 + 5 =?
    • If each friend shakes each other's hand in a group of five friends, how many handshakes are there in total?
    • Complete the pattern; 2, 4, 6, 8,..?
    • Which planet is called the "Red Planet"?
    • What is the next prime number after 13?
    • Arrange in an ascending order: 1/4, 3/8, 2/5.
    • What is the volume of a cube with each side measuring 4 units?
    • Who wrote "The Bhagavad Gita"?
    • What is the sum total of the angles in a quadrilateral?
    • What comes next in the pattern 3, 6, 9, 12?
    • Name the capital city of Canada?
    • Solve the equation: 15 - (8 + 3) = ?
    • What is the chemical name for gold?
    • Upon rearranging the letters in the word "discover," which word can be formed?
    • What is the square root of 200?
    • If a train travels at a speed of 60 Kmph, how far will it go in 2 hours?
    • Which currency is used in the United Kingdom?
    • Which scientist discovered gravity?
    • In a right-angled triangle, if one angle is 90 degrees, what is the sum total measure of the other two angles?
    • If you have 50 rupees and you have spent 30, what percentage of money do you have left?
    • Which is the smallest even number?
    • How many millimetres make up one metre?
    • What is the value of 7 raised to the power two. 
    • When a coin is flipped three times, what is the probability of getting tales thrice?
    • Which gas is most abundantly found in Earth's atmosphere?

    If one wishes to enhance their IQ, a constant expansion of one’s knowledge and critical thinking abilities is required. We hope that the above-mentioned list of over 60 IQ level test questions for kids, will unlock your child’s true knowledge potential while igniting curiosity in them. These brain teasers can be a great source of joy and motivation for young minds that instils a lifelong learning interest in them. To that end, you can check out an expansive range of kids' education activities such as Science Snippets (colourful double sided cards that explain different scientific concepts) and Reusable activity mats on Skillmatics and take a pick as per your choice and discretion.

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    Interactive Family Fun: 4 Fun and Exciting Family Game Night Ideas

    Interactive Family Fun: 4 Fun and Exciting Family Game Night Ideas

    Amidst the daily stress of keeping up with professional responsibilities, social duties and kids’ studies, there remains little to no scope to engage in some good old-fashioned family fun, laughter and bonding. 

    Fear not, family game nights are here to the rescue! Interactive family games by Skillmatics are the best way to make memories together that parents and kids always cherish. It’s the nights like these that bring families close and the games do not need to be costly. These sweet, special moments let families find happiness even when the time is tough. No need to make the game night another challenge when you barely have time in the day. Arrange fun games to play with family after dinner on weekdays or during the nights on weekends. And turning it into a weekly or monthly family tradition is no more a hassle!

    So let’s explore why families should play family games:

    Importance of Planning Game Night With Family

    We live in a time when families have forgotten to slow down and relish their time together. People rarely pay attention to the growing gap between parents and kids. But in the long run, it only pushes kids farther from their parents. Several studies have proved this statement and the study also shows how it’s one of the reasons behind growing behavioural problems among youths. (1) Family games indoors can be the right solution to this situation. It presents the opportunity to be with each other and build a close-knit bond among parents and children. Family game nights disconnect the families from screens, engage them in meaningful interactions, and let the family members create lasting memories together. Moments like these teach the importance of open communication and teamwork, and hone little kids’ problem-solving skills – all while having a blast!

    As parents, establishing a positive and supportive environment through regular game nights can nurture children's social and emotional development. From learning to take turns and follow rules to celebrating victories and handling defeat gracefully, the lessons learned during family games extend far beyond the game board.

    4 Engaging Games Ideas for Kids and Parents

    Let’s unwrap the list of the best family games for a fun family game night: 

    1. Who Knows You Best? | Card Game

    Nothing starts a family game night with more fun than Skillmatics’ Who Knows You Best, a family-friendly card game that discovers how well kids and parents know each other. With hundreds of question cards, erasable answer cards, markers, and one scoreboard to list down who earns the most points, it’s a game that reveals how well families work together, knows one another’s likes and dislikes, and also offers the scope to know each other. Even if a parent or kid doesn’t know anything about a sibling or parents, he/she can now get to know them via this game. Sounds fun, doesn't it?

    2. Rapid Rumble | Board game

    A board game by Skillmatics that’s fun, engaging, exciting, and covers learning materials, the Rapid Rumble board game is one of the best family game ideas. With hundreds of category cards, letter cards, and one die, the game begins as you set the timer provided with the game. Solve the clues in category cards and get rid of all your letter cards in time and you win! It’s the perfect game for families with kids over 6 years of age.

    3. Newton's Tree | STEM Toy

    A game built based on the laws of physics, this STEM toy revolves around helping the Father of Physics, Newton move around using the branches. Include this super fun game in your family game night if you have kids over 6 years old. It sharpens kids’ balancing skills and helps them become familiar with the natural laws. With the option to add three apples at every branch throughout the tree, you have to move Newton and add apples and branches to maintain its sturdiness. A perfect game to teach kids essential life skills like collaboration, cooperation, hand-eye coordination and more, it’s a game to bond families. 

    4. Scout it Out: Countries of The World | Trivia Board Game

    Scout it Out: Countries of The Word board game is another game on the list, it’s a play to help kids learn the map better, identify the special characteristics/facts of countries, their capitals, national animals, fruits and flowers, and things that make a country unique and also an opportunity for parents to relive the geography classes in middle school. 

    With 2 Game Boards - 1 World Map, 1 Map of Europe, 74 Country Cards, 35 Bonus Tokens and 1 Wooden Die, this game is all about identifying five countries correctly at first and being the winner! It’s truly a fun game for everyone involved in the family game night. 

    As we wrap up our exploration of interactive family games ideas, remember that the joy of being together, laughing together, cheering for each other and having each other’s back make the game night with loved ones fulfilling. Whether you're laughing hysterically during the tumbling of Newton’s tree or strategizing your next move in the board game showdown, cherish these priceless moments of connection and camaraderie.

    So, what are you waiting for? Clear your schedules, gather your loved ones, and let the games begin! Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the world of family game nights, there's always room for more fun and laughter around the game table.

    And hey, if you need some new additions to your game collection, why not treat your kids to a brand-new board game for kids from Skillmatics? Visit the online store of Skillmatics and browse through our wide selection of family games to play with kids of all ages.

    Get ready to create unforgettable memories and sit to play with snacks and juices– because when it comes to family game nights, the fun never ends!

    Happy gaming, everyone!

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    4 Advantages Of Incorporating Flash Cards For Infant Learning & Growth

    4 Advantages Of Incorporating Flash Cards For Infant Learning & Growth

    As parents, we're endlessly fascinated by the journey of our children's growth and development. From their first babble to their first steps, every milestone feels like a monumental achievement. The first time we hear them uttering words, we start dreaming about their future. Parents always dream of witnessing their children doing something big. Amidst this whirlwind of wonder and discovery, one tool stands out as the perfect mode to sow the seed of early learning: flash cards.


    Why It's Important to Work with Educational Flashcards for Toddlers’ Growth?

    Before we dive deep into the discussion of the benefits of flashcards for kids, let’s unwrap the definition of flashcards. So the meaning of flashcards as by Merriam-Webster dictionary is, ‘a card bearing words, numbers, or pictures that is briefly displayed (as by a teacher to a class) usually as a learning aid.’ In simple terms, flashcards are cards that flash numbers, pictures, definitions, meanings, synonyms, antonyms, facts and figures at both sides of them to help children get a grasp over ideas and concepts during homeschooling or even before they start school. 

    Research shows that early exposure to visual stimuli, such as flashcards, can significantly enhance cognitive development, language skills, fine motor skills, and emotional intelligence in pre-school children.(1)

    • The first ABCD of infant learning begins with children’s simple cards. From the moment they're introduced to colourful images, First 100 animals, letters, numbers, shapes & colours, infants start building essential neural connections that lay the foundation for future learning. These connections form the building blocks of language acquisition, problem-solving abilities, and critical thinking skills.

    • By incorporating flashcards into your child's daily routine, you're not just introducing them to letters, numbers, and shapes—you're making them curious to learn, assisting them to be more creative, and helping them be in love with learning. Each flip of a card becomes a moment of discovery, a gateway to new worlds waiting to be explored.

    • And it’s the beginning of honing the lifelong essential skill, of memorising things, facts and ideas. As it’s proven that kids learn faster through pictures, the images in the activity flashcards of Skillmatics let your little one retain information longer or for a lifetime.(2)

    • The fun, intriguing, colourful flashcards for toddlers not only pique their interest but also help them to pay attention for long periods or make them attentive. So it’s safe to say that flashcards train young brains to absorb information faster and focus better.

      How to Use Flash Cards for Infants?

      Now that you are aware of the advantages of uses of flashcards for kids, let's explore some practical tips on how to integrate them into your infant's learning journey:


      1. Start Early

        It's never too soon to introduce activity flashcards to your little one. From the tender age of 3 months to 2 years old, parents can include educational flashcards for toddlers anytime in between. It’s the perfect time for the introduction of Skillmatics’ High-Contrast Flash Cards as kids' visual pathway grows at this time.  

      2. Choose Interactive Flashcard Games

        Learning should never be boring for infants. Make children’s flash card sessions interactive and playful by engaging them in Skillmatics’ Spot n Learn flashcard game. It’s the game to improve your little bundle of joy’s observation and vocabulary skills. 

      3. Choose Age-appropriate Activity Flashcards

        Action card games are not limited to 3-year-olds when Skillmatics is your gaming partner. Our collection has flashcards for kids of ages up to 10 years old. Educational flashcards like Sight Words let your little one learn up to 500 words, hone their cognitive skills and make them curious to explore more. 

      As parents, we hold the power to shape our children's future through the simple choices we make each day. By including baby flashcards in your kid’s daily playtime routine, you let your infants take the first step toward lifelong learning. 

      So, design a flashcard gaming schedule for your toddlers and kids to fill your home with laughter, learning, and the boundless curiosity of childhood.


      1. /Downloads/099-4349-Fritria-Dwi-Anggraini-Galley.pdf
      2. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5256450/
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      6 Cute Return Gift Ideas To Bring A Smile On Your Little One's Face

      6 Cute Return Gift Ideas To Bring A Smile On Your Little One's Face

      Attending a birthday party isn’t less than a fiesta for little kids. From dressing up to the nines to getting their hands on amazing return gifts, everything is so dreamy for them! To match up the enthusiasm of your little guests, it is important to pay intricate attention to the choice of party favours. If you are planning a birthday party for your little one, chalking down the best return gift ideas is going to be a crucial part of your planning.


      To help out, we’ve put down a list of return gift ideas for birthday parties that will help you in the planning process. 

      Unique Return Gift Ideas for Kids' Birthday Party

      Why not give the little guests something truly unique as a surprise, instead of the typical candy or usual boring toys? We've put up a list of unique return gift suggestions from Skillmatics that will make kids happy and help them remember your child's birthday celebration for years to come. Let’s check ‘em out!

      • Foil Fun

      Foil fun art kit is a great return gift idea for kids to get creative, exercise their imagination and create beautiful images - all while reducing their screen-time! You can browse through Skillmatics and choose from a wide range of themes to match the return gifts with the interests and preferences of your tiny guests.

      • Reusable Activity Mats

      Reusable activity mats are the best kind of return gift ideas for kids, to keep them engaged in a creative and constructive way. From boredom busters to space explorers, you can choose from a wide range of themes on Skillmatics. 

      • Do It!

      If you are looking for fun and educational birthday return gift ideas for kids, the dot it craft kit is going to be a great pick for you. Children can use easy to peel stickers to create attractive images. There are 500+ stickers and 4 double sided canvases in each set that adhere to different themes. 

      • Guess In 10

      Skillmatics’ Guessing card games are perfect for testing a child’s knowledge and stimulating their interest in different categories. This is one of the best return gift ideas for kids who love to learn and discover new things. 

      • Rapid Rumble 

      Rapid Rumble is the fastest, cleverest and funniest category game! Roll the dice, set the timer, and get ready to discover animals, things, culture, science, and nature as you play this exciting game! Aside from being an excellent return gift idea for kids, it can also enhance the charm of fun family game nights. 

      • Fun With Foam

      Let your child’s imagination run free with these no-mess stickering art activities. Kids can use foam stickers to decorate animals, unicorns and a variety of other things as they let their creativity soar. 

      Educational Benefits Of Skillmatics Cute Return Gifts Ideas 

      The following educational benefits can be attributed to Skillmatics’ return gift ideas:

      • Promotes Learning Through Play

      Choosing return gifts for kids' birthday parties from Skillmatics will let you gift something meaningful, yet fun to your little guests. Each return gift is tailor-made to impart meaningful skills for your children.

      • Boosts Cognitive Abilities 

      Each game and activity from Skillmatics has been crafted with expert guidance by a team of global educators, with the aim of helping children hone their problem solving skills, presence of mind, and cognitive abilities. 

      • Promotes Critical Thinking

      Educational games are beneficial for the development of critical thinking in children. Kids also develop fine motor skills, learn strategic planning and have lots of fun while exploring these games.  

      • Helps In Making Education A Fun Experience 

      Educational return gifts on Skillmatics impart a hands-on learning experience for kids in a subtle and enjoyable manner. This instils a love for learning through play in children. 

      • Teaches The Value Of Teamwork

      By promoting the values of creativity, imagination, and teamwork, birthday return gifts for kids from Skillmatics do a great job of fostering a playful learning environment.

      • Means Of Intellectual Growth

      The above mentioned return gift ideas won't just entertain your little guests, but will also reinforce the intellectual growth of their young minds.

      As we conclude our exploration of fun and educational Return Gift Ideas from Skillmatics, we can envision the joy on those little faces as they receive these thoughtful tokens of happiness. From Guess in 10 to Rapid Rumble, each game brings with it a promise of smiles and learning. Go on and pick out the best return gifts for kids to create a lasting impression and lots of joyful memories!

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