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Play With Fun: 8 Colouring Sheet Ideas For Kids’ Activity Time

Play With Fun: 8 Colouring Sheet Ideas For Kids’ Activity Time

Colouring is one of the most amazing activities that can significantly stimulate a child’s creative and cognitive skills. When you encourage your little one to play with colouring sheets, you help them unleash their imagination and come up with something that encapsulates the essence of their thinking at that point in time.


Colouring books for kids doesn't just present an amazing opportunity to utilise their time, but also helps nurture their young minds.

Colouring Activities To Foster Child Cognitive Development

Here are some amazing themes of printable colouring images for kids that will come in handy for you while choosing the right creative activity for your little one:

●     Nature Scenes

Nature themed colouring books for kids will encourage them to observe the environment around them. When colouring trees, plants, rivers etc. they won't just learn about these colours, but will also connect to nature in their own beautiful and creative way.

●     Animal Kingdom

When your child uses colouring sheets which pivot around the animal theme, he/she will learn a lot about the shape and size of the respective animal. This can work wonders in polishing your kid’s recognition skills.

●     Under the Sea Adventure

The best way to introduce sea animals to your little one is to get colouring sheets for kids based on this theme. This will be a great opportunity for your kid to learn about marine life, which will polish their creative skills and also pique their excitement to learn more information.

●     Space Exploration

It is no secret that children have an affinity for the sun, moon, stars and everything else related to space. When you encourage your child to play with colouring sheets hinged to this topic, it is bound to take them to a magical world of cosmic explorations.

●     Transportation Fun

This is going to be a great way to help your kid identify and differentiate between the different vehicles while colouring them in.

●     Community Helpers

Colouring sheets for kids that are based on different professions like doctors, drivers, nurses etc. will help your child identify different professions and understand their significance in our lives.

●     Fruit and Veggie Garden

You can get colouring sheets with different fruits and vegetables to introduce conceptual learning to your kids. In addition to polishing foundational concepts, it is a useful way to introduce healthy eating habits to your little one.

●     Holiday Celebrations

Use printable colouring pages to depict the nature of celebrations for different festivals. These colouring sheets for kids are a good way to amalgamate excitement for the festive season along with creativity. Check out Skillmatics’ Diwali printable and Christmas printable for this colouring activity. 

Tips for Making Colouring Time Fun With Printables

Here are some tips for making colouring time exciting for kids:

●     Use Different Colouring Materials

While playing with colouring sheets, you can encourage your child to use different colouring materials like crayons, pens, sketch pens etc. This will make colouring time very exciting for your child.

●     Create The Right Ambience

Along with different colouring sheets and colours, you can also play some rhymes and music in the background. This will help in enhancing the appeal of colouring time.

●     Incorporate Different Textures In The Colouring Process

You can use glitters, stickers and other materials to add interesting nuances to the colouring sheets. Moreover, kids absolutely love using these different accessories and they will really enjoy working with them.


These tips are going to make colouring time very enjoyable and exciting for kids. Try these out and thank us later!


All the above-mentioned colouring activities cater to the different interests for your little one. You can choose colouring books for kids depending on their skill level and age. No matter if you are a parent, teacher, or caregiver - printable colouring pages will be a great opportunity for you to entertain little kids while working on their cognitive abilities. To that end, you can also check out Skillmatics’ art and craft kits to make your kids' playtime as creative and enriching as possible.

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Fun To Learn: 15 Preschool Kids' Activities

Fun To Learn: 15 Preschool Kids' Activities

How many of you have heard that preschoolers need to be left free to play and anything that is remotely connected to education and reinforcement can be started off once they get an inch closer to their school time?

Well, we believe that play activities for preschoolers need to be designed very carefully as your child’s mind is very fertile at this time. He/she is basically hankering to learn something new each day. If the preschool activities are only about thoughtless play and fun, you are hindering your kid’s ability to get a head start on some of the most important foundational concepts and skills.

In this blog, we shall talk about some of the best preschool learning activities that will embody the essence of learning through play.

Fun Learning Preschool Activities Ideas For Kids

If you are thinking of some fun activities for preschoolers, you can take a look at the following activities:

1.      Finger Painting

Children can use their fingers to create art on chart paper. This is a great way to enhance hand and eye coordination in kids. It also works wonders for their sensory development.

2.      Mess-Free Activity

If you want your kids to be engaged in mess-free fun actually, you can check out the Foil fun by Skillmatics. This will let your kid create fun and exciting pictures of stars, astronauts, etc., with sparkly foil sheets. In addition to being a great play activity for preschoolers, it is also a great pick for moms as they won't have to worry about cleaning up the mess left behind.

3.      Colour Sorting Game

This is an amazing pre-nursery activity for encouraging kids to identify colours. You can keep an assortment of fruits or anything else in different colours in front of your kids. After that, you can help them differentiate those products based on their colour. This game works wonders for reinforcing colour recognition skills and sorting abilities.

4.      Shape Machine

This is also a very interesting preschool learning activity. You and your kid can try fitting different shapes in matching places on a board game or activity mat. This is truly a super fun and interactive activity for enhancing recognition skills in your child.

5.      Number Hopscotch

You can draw a hopscotch grid with chalk and add numbers to the grid. As you hop and put your hand on the numbers, this preschool activity will become instrumental in helping your kid learn the art of number identification and sequencing.

6.       Play Syllable Head and Shoulders

You can sing head, shoulder, knees and toes to your kid by playfully inserting syllables. This is an outstanding preschool learning activity to help kids learn about language development and communication.

7.      Practice Rhyming With Blocks

You can use alphabet blocks and create rhyming words from each alphabet. Kids love grooving to rhymes and it will help them to playfully learn alphabets as well. In fact, these rhymes become so deeply etched in the hearts and minds of kids that they tend to remember these cute songs when they grow up.

8.      Alphabet Sensory Bin

You can create a bin of alphabet-shaped blocks or foam boards with alphabets. Encourage your child to take out all the blocks and boards and simply play with them. By touching and playing with different alphabets, your child’s cognitive skills will get heightened and he/she will be able to recognise alphabets as well.

9.      Printables

You can check out Skillmatics’ search and find reusable activity mats in which you can play various games pertaining to different topics like shapes, colours, vegetables, fruits etc. This is a wonderful play activity for preschoolers as it helps them hone their imagination and creativity.

10.  Boredom Buster

You can choose different activities for preschoolers from the list shared here. You can make your own games as well to creatively bust boredom while having a great time with your little ones. Skillmatics’ reusable activity mats have different activities that will keep you kid engaged as they learn different educational concepts.

11.  Scratch Art

Skillmatics has magical scratch art kits with different themes that can be enjoyed by your kid. The surface of black art paper can be scratched with a stylus to reveal fun and exciting designs.

12.  Fruit Fun

Skillmatics’ play food grocery set is perfect for pretend play. You can acquaint your kid with different vegetables, fruits, snacks etc. This play set will let your kid get to touch and feel different eatables which will boost their ability to recognise things.

13.  Wooden Puzzle

This is a nice board game that you and your family can play together. Take a wooden board with puzzle pieces on it. Shuffle the puzzle pieces on the floor and then arrange them on the wooden board with your kid’s help. This is also a very engaging thing to do with play schools that work on their coordination and motor skills.

14.  Fine Motor Pizza Shop

If your child loves pretend play, this could be an excellent pre nursery activity for him/her. Collect all the ingredients that might be used for making a pizza and spread it all in front of your child. After that, you can help your little one pick up and arrange the ingredients to create a yummy pizza.

15.  Play Dough Play

Playing with modelling clay is one of the best things to do with a preschooler as it allows him/her to get as creative as they want and experiment with different colours, shapes and sizes of clay. Kids can even assemble different pieces of clay to create beautiful designs.


The joy of hand-holding your kid through the journey of play and learning is priceless! We hope that the above-mentioned kid's activities will help you and your child to spend some lovely time together as you learn fundamental concepts while creating priceless memories. From the magical world of pretend play to the creativity unleashed on activity mats, we are super excited for you and your child as you embark upon this alluring journey of learn-through-play. As you read along this path, Skillmatics will be your trusted companion all through the way.


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Tiny Yogi Adventures: 5 Easy Yoga Exercises for Kids to Boost Their Concentration

Tiny Yogi Adventures: 5 Easy Yoga Exercises for Kids to Boost Their Concentration

While more or less, we all are aware of the benefits of yoga and meditation for adults, kids equally benefit from them. Today’s kids spend more time indoors, plugged into various electronic gadgets. As outdoor activities or playtime is next to non-existent for kids, yoga plays a crucial role in keeping them physically active and mentally fit.

A thorough study published in the National Library of Medicine discusses in detail how mobile phones affect kids’ learning and memory. (1) The dwindling cognitive strength of kids due to the distraction caused by smartphones is a matter of great concern. When screens dominate children's attention, it's crucial to find balance. Parents might be constantly on the lookout for activities that not only engage the little ones but also improve their psychological capacity and overall well-being. When parents help kids to include basic yoga asanas in their routine, the shift in their behaviour, performance and activities becomes noticeable.

Another study shows how yoga is beneficial for young minds. (2) From improving their physical strength, focus, coordination, concentration, balance, and flexibility to protecting them from mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, ADHD and more, yoga improves their lives. So let’s explore the best yoga poses for kids and how they improve kids’ concentration power.

Top 5 Yoga Asanas for Kids

Here is a list of yoga steps for kids that every parent should inspire them to add to their routine:

1. Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

One of the simplest and most basic yoga poses for kids, it only asks you to stand tall like a mountain with feet at hips’ width apart, hands stretched straight downward or upward in a namaste positioning and feet touching the ground. Advise your kid to start his/her yoga routine with this pose for better stability and balance.

(Give credits to iStock)

2. Tree Pose (Vrikshasana)

This asana asks the kid to stand straight on one foot and the other foot remains folded and supported against the straight foot’s knee. Fold the hands in a downward namaste pose or do the namaste pose over your head or stretch the hands separately toward the sky like tree branches. This pose enhances balance and concentration while improving core muscle strength.


Source - https://in.pinterest.com/pin/590534569910353358/

3. Butterfly Pose (Baddha Konasana)

Sit on the ground or on a mat with legs folded inward and soles pressed against each other. Now stretch your hands forward and place them under the feet as you cuddle them. It gives a butterfly wing-like shape that makes it pretty easy for kids to do yoga at the beginner level. It releases stress from the groin area and improves the movement of pelvic floor muscles. This yoga for children helps kids get relief from mild anxiety and depression.



Credits to Freepik

4. Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)

Simply ask your kid to lay on their stomach with the legs tightly pressed against the surface and the torso resting on two arms stretched forward on palms’ support. Now ask your kid to slowly move their head backward for the best stretch. From improving mood, strengthening the back muscles and improving posture to ensuring a healthy spine, cobra pose is one of the perfect yoga activities for kids.


Credits to Freepik

5. Downward-Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

Stand straight on your feet, and slowly move downward to rest against your knees and toes. Now keep the palms pressed against the floor, slowly remove your knees from the floor and let your soles and palms handle the entire body weight. It might seem a bit tricky at the beginning but it's another variation, down dog against a wall is pretty simple. Instead of putting your weight on your palms, you stand against the support of the wall with your palms resting on the wall. This pose promotes flexibility in the spine, hamstrings, and calves.


Credits to Freepik

Introducing yoga into your child's routine is like taking them a step forward to a world of physical and mental well-being. Let your child be at the top of his/her health by influencing him/her to practice these basic yoga asanas from a young age. These are perfect asanas to continue throughout life. 


As parents, we understand the constant struggle you face to balance screen time and engage your children in meaningful activities. To take this adventure a step further, let them play engaging and educational games of Skillmatics. From games like Peek-A-Boo Jungle Themed Cloth Book, flashcards for toddlers, Dot It! with Magnets Art Kit and animal-themed no-mess art kits to underwater animal-themed floor puzzles, marvel-themed trivia card games, Search & Find Reusable Mats or educational & clever category board games, the options are endless on Skillmatics. Foster a holistic approach to your child's development!


  1. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7425970/
  2. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3980104/


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Craft Ideas For Kids: 8 Mess-Free DIY Activities For Kids

Craft Ideas For Kids: 8 Mess-Free DIY Activities For Kids

Want to keep your kid engaged creatively but aren’t too sure about the mess that it could entail? We have put together a list of some of the best mess-free craft activities for kids that will make your kids enjoy their playtime while working wonders for acquainting them with different educational concepts as well.

No matter if you are looking for indoor crafts for your toddlers or pre-schoolers, you will get what you are looking for in this list of fun craft ideas for kids.

What makes these craft activities for kids super special is the fact that they are mess-free but do not compromise on the joy and excitement that they bring to your little ones.

Create A Mess-free Activity Zone For Kids With 8 Craft Ideas

Here are some mess-free activities for toddlers that can be super fun for your kids while being stress-free for you. You can check Skillmatics to get your hands on these fun craft kids for your little ones:

●     Foil Fun Activity

Skillmatics’ mess-free foil fun craft kits will enable your child to create shapes and figures using foil sheets. You can choose from a wide range of themes to pick something that piques your child’s interest.

●     Sticker Art Kit

A sticker art kit is also a great craft activity for kids. You can browse through the range of Skillmatics’ Dot it sticker art kits to choose your child’s favourite theme. This activity will be great for enhancing your child’s motor skills and creativity.

●     Fun With Foam

If you are looking for no-mess art for toddlers, you can always encourage them to create interesting shapes with foam sheets. These foam sticker crafts are easy and safe to use while being completely mess-free.

●     Scratch Art Book

This is a great craft idea for kids to help them utilise their time creatively and engagingly. This activity involves the use of a stylus for scratching a black paper to reveal interesting shapes and figures. You can choose from several themes and take a pick as per your kid’s choice.

●     Collage with Pre-cut Shapes

With the help of glue sticks and child safety scissors, your kid can create ingesting figures as per the instructions given in the Snip Snap art and crafts activity kit. This is an excellent mess-free craft for kids to hone their imagination and artistic skills. 

●     Printables

You can get a digital print of different designs to let your kid colour them. Printables can be used in several ways to create fun, exciting and mess-free craft activities for kids.

●     Dot Art

You can use a dotted pattern to be followed by your kid to create beautiful patterns. The idea is to put together a picture using dots which can be completed by your child using a crayon or pencil.

●     Crayon Rubbings

This is a simple yet enjoyable craft activity for kids that involves the placement of paper over a textured surface. After this, your kid can use a crayon over the paper to highlight the shape of the surface underneath.


The above-mentioned mess-free activities for toddlers will work wonders for fostering creativity, imagination and skill development in your little bundles of joy. In addition to being a great way to channel your child’s time and energy, these fun crafts can be pivotal in introducing some fundamental educational concepts to your kids, all while instilling the joy of learning in them.

From the vibrant realms of scratch art kits to the interesting charm of crayon rubbings, these mess-free art and craft kits for kids from Skillmatics will let you and your child enjoy some creatively quality time together.



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Joyful Treasures: 8 Unique & Cute Gift Ideas for Kids

Joyful Treasures: 8 Unique & Cute Gift Ideas for Kids

As parents, the joy of seeing our little ones light up with excitement is unparalleled. The sparkle in their eyes, the infectious laughter, and the sheer delight they express in receiving cute gifts is a treasure that melts our hearts.


But choosing presents for kids that are equally educational and engaging can be tricky. There is no shortage of kids' gift ideas but picking the ones that fit their age group is the real deal. While you are surfing through the net to find suitable educational gifts for kids, Skillmatics has your back. We bring you an amazing collection of educational games and activities that help children concentrate better, focus more, and assist in their cognitive development while making playtime more fun and engaging. Here’s a list of 8 gift ideas for kids that bring joy to their world:

Cute Gifts for Kids (0-3 Years)

The learning curve in the early years shapes the future of tiny tots. Their journey to acquire knowledge and learn more begins with toys that stimulate their senses and encourage early learning. Skillmatics has a collection of amazing gifts for children. The best ones are:

Peek-a-Boo Jungle Theme Interactive Soft Cloth Book

Peek-a-Boo Jungle Theme Cloth Book is a softcover book that helps kids get to learn animal names and opens up a new world of sounds, colours, and textures. This 8-page book also offers a pleasing sensory experience to kids to help them explore a new, exotic, and exciting realm!

Flash Cards for Toddlers


Make learning fun with Flash Cards for Toddlers: Letters, Numbers, Shapes & Colours, a set of 50 double-sided flash cards with realistic imagery. An excellent tool for teaching kids the letters of the alphabet, counting from one to ten, shapes, and colours!



Gift Ideas for Kids (3-6 Years)

As our kids grow, so do their interests and abilities. Skillmatics has perfect cute gifts for kids aged 3-6 years: 


Foil Fun Unicorns & Princesses No Mess Art Kit

Foil Fun Unicorn & Princesses is the perfect activity to hone your kid’s creative mind. This mess-free art kit is a fantastic pick as it allows your child to create beautiful, colourful foil pictures. This game is an avenue to bring your child’s imagination to life!

Grocery Set Play Food

Grocery set play food games are popular among kids aged 3-7 years old. Let your child sort, count and get to know the names of different food items as they become a master-chef.

Kids Present Ideas (6-9 Years)

Kids develop a keen interest in certain subjects and activities as they step into their elementary years. Brighten up their world by presenting educational gifts for kids like:

Space Explorers Write & Wipe Activity Mats

Bring outer space into your child’s grip by presenting space-themed activity mats. They not only entertain, but also stimulate learning in a fun and exciting way.

Newton's Tree STEM Toy

Newtown’s Tree STEM Toy helps sharpen qualities like teamwork, strategy, focus and concentration in your kids. Get a whole lot of laughter as players work together to build and balance the apple tree.

Gifts for Children (8-13 Years)

As kids enter their pre-teen years, their choice of games also changes. So help them learn as they grow with:

Hydraulic Launcher

Develop your kid’s cognitive abilities by helping them build a hydraulic launcher using STEM applications and concepts. It encourages them to experiment with tools and think critically.

Buildables Infinity Calendar

Your kid might already know how to find a date and time in a calendar, but the joy of checking a calendar knows no bounds when it’s made by them! Buildables Infinity Calendar is a fantastic choice for young teenagers, as it not only keeps them engaged but also introduces them to STEM concepts.


Gone are the days when choosing random off-the-shelf cute gifts for kids was enough. Parents now believe in helping kids partake in educational games such as Guess in 10  or Magical Scratch Art at a very young age to reshape their cognitive ability in a way that contributes to their growth and happiness.


Skillmatics offers a range of educational gifts for all-age kids that are not just cute but also enriching. Let learning accompany the joy of play, and watch your child light up with wonder and excitement. Happy gifting!


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Nurturing Futures: Importance of Child Growth & Development

Nurturing Futures: Importance of Child Growth & Development

Kids grow and learn right from the day they are born! All they need is appropriate direction to enable them to comprehend everything. Ensuring that your child receives only the best when learning and development can make a big difference in their early learning experience. Nearly 90% of brain development takes place in the first five years of life. The way they master the knowledge that enables them to progress is crucial.

Among other things that help in shaping the child, the importance of playing games always gains a top spot. By fostering values, connections, emotional intelligence and cognitive skills, the importance of games in child growth and development is boundless. When we reminisce about our childhood days, recalling the games we played—building forts, playing pretend, or turning sticks into swords—they still amuse us today. They were at the very core of our growth, serving as building blocks of development.

If you are also a parent to a little one, then this detailed guide is for you. Keep on reading to know how educational games play an important role in children’s growth and what you can do as parents.

Importance of Playing Games In Child Growth & Development

A child's imagination is a limitless, unexplored playground, every corner filled with potential adventures waiting to be discovered.

Children, by nature, are curious, and age-appropriate, interactive activities like The Quiet Book- A Sensory Activity Book from Skillmatics can help tap into their physical, cognitive, social, and emotional developmental requirements from a very early age.

Additionally, introducing them to learning games like High-contrast flashcards can help children grow and develop fine motor skills essential for their cognitive development. Babbling, speaking their first words, and forming sentences, learning basic concepts like how to tell time, also contribute to a child’s growth and development.

The innocent smile on a child’s face after accomplishing a task not only melts our hearts but is a key factor in their emotional development. Playing alongside others, taking turns, and sharing, help develop their social skills.

How Parents Can Contribute To Kids' Growth & Development

Parenthood is the wildest rollercoaster ride a person can ever take. No matter how prepared you may think you are; there will be days you may fall short or feel inadequate. As this is the only phase in your life for which you do not get any formal training and all that you learn, is on the job, through your instincts. It involves the person you love the most in this world - Your Child.

Just the sheer responsibility of shaping a child's growth and development, helping them blossom into happy and healthy individuals can be daunting at times.

As parents, we often underestimate the crucial role of play in children’s development. Building sandcastles under the sun or sailing paper boats during bath time—these seemingly simple moments forge bonds stronger than any super glue.

The importance of playing games doesn't diminish as children grow older; it simply takes on new forms. Educational games help in kids’ growth, a board game like Skillmatics Rapid Rumble (category board game) is a breeding ground for social development, offering valuable opportunities to express oneself clearly, listen and collaborate effectively.

Similarly, a friendly cricket game not only fosters children's physical growth but also cultivates teamwork, leadership, and resilience. These lessons carry forward, even for older students. Whether through the thrill of educational games, or the shared laughter of a cooperative board game, fostering a love of play empowers students to learn, connect, and thrive in all aspects of life.

Educational Games Which Play The Significance Role in Kids' Development

While deciphering the value of games is still a pretty tough nut to break, there are engaging and educational games for every age group of kids. Let’s check out a list of educational games that can play a significant role in kids’ development.

1. Learning Games for Infants

Being with an infant, you cannot get enough of watching their soft, round faces, expressive eyes, small nose, and chubby cheeks. Apart from this being the cutest stage of a child’s life, it is also a crucial learning stage. Talking to your baby and describing what you see, helps foster their language and sensory skills. High Contrast & LNSC Flash Cards (early learning) from Skillmatics are the best in serving this purpose.

2. Fun Learning Toys and Games for Toddlers

Toddlers are at a fascinating stage of development, eager to learn and explore. Choosing the right toys and games can give you results, that you never imagined. Soft cloth book and flashcards for toddlers from Skillmatics can help your curious toddler build on his/her curiosity.

3. Interactive Play Games For Preschoolers

Pre-schoolers are bursting with energy and curiosity, ready to take the world by storm! Keeping them engaged and learning through play is rewarding in itself. Educational games from Skillmatics like Dot it! With Magnets (art activity) or Piece and play puzzle game) will spark their imagination and ignite their development.

4. Knowledge Base Games For School Goings

Ditch the boring conventional mathematical drills and whip up interactive ways to teach kids. Games such as Skillmatics’ Multiplication Flash Cards, are an effective way for school-going kids to master the art of multiplication.

Final Thoughts

Imagine opening a treasure chest overflowing with laughter, adventure, and learning. That's the gift of play to a child. Exploring interests freely through games contributes to children’s growth. Play isn't just about fun; it's a powerful brain gym, challenging minds, and boosting creativity and unconventional thinking. For a busy student, it's a vital escape hatch, reducing stress and anxiety, and providing a much-needed mental break to promote emotional well-being. If you are thinking of adding value to your child’s playtime, then check out a range of mess-free educational and learning games from Skillmatics that are designed by experts.

Frequently Asked Questions Importance of Games In Child’s Growth & Development


Why is early childhood development crucial?

It’s crucial because it lays the foundation for a child's physical, cognitive, social, and emotional well-being.

How can parents promote healthy child development?

Providing a loving and secure environment conducive to learning and engaging in responsive playing helps in a child’s development.

What is the relationship between play and child development?

Play is crucial, it shapes brains, builds bodies, and nurtures hearts, setting children up for lifelong success and happiness.

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ABC Adventures: Two Letter Words For Preschoolers

ABC Adventures: Two Letter Words For Preschoolers

As your little bundle of joy starts showing curiosity and interest in the realm of language, it’s time to acquaint them with one of the most powerful forms of expression, written or verbal; Words!

For young children, exploring the wide world of language can be both an exciting and difficult journey. Because of their familiarity and simplicity, two-letter words serve as a child's foundation for easy sentence building. Preschoolers gain confidence to explore and express themselves vocally as these simple words give them a sense of mastery and accomplishment.

However, the best time to introduce two-letter words to your kids is when you feel that they are ready to experiment with the enchanting realm of sounds, words and phonetics. The idea is to introduce two-letter words for kids when they are super keen to grasp, learn and evolve.

In this blog, we will touch upon the implications of two-letter word learning for kids and will also mention the best ways of doing so.

Benefits Of Learning 2 Letter Words In English For Kids

The following benefits can be attributed to the use of two-letter words in English for kids:

●     It Serves As A Springboard For Future Language and Communication Skills

The learning of two-letter words for kids serves as a building block for them to augment their understanding of the alphabetical world. This understanding gradually endows them with the ability to form words and sentences. This can undoubtedly be considered one of the most crucial aspects of linguistic knowledge.

●     Enables Your Kid To Read Easily

When your child becomes familiarised with the power of Two letter words, it encourages them to take their reading endeavours ahead. It could also be a great starting point for your kid to fall in love with the art of reading.

●     Boosts Confidence

When a child learns to categorically make the semblance of two letter words, it instils in him/her the confidence to enhance their learning with bigger words.

●     Works Wonders For Communication Skills

When kids are taught about phonics through two-letter words, they find it easier to express themselves with plausible words instead of random sounds. This bodes very well for honing your child’s communication skills.

●     Grammar Improvement

Two-letter learning can acquaint your kid with the first few basics of sentence formation. Gradually, they get exposed to different alphabets and can learn how to form grammatically correct sentences which are both emotive and cogent.

●     Phonetics awareness

Two-letter words always have a phonetic sound attributed to them. This enables the child to become aware of different sounds and their worldly connotations. This is a crucial step for a befitting use of sound in language and communication.

Most Common Easy To Learn Day-to-Day Two-Letter Words For Kids

Introducing children to two-letter words in as many contexts as you can is the most effective strategy to teach them. When playing, you can begin with alphabet blocks or even alphabet magnets. As they take part in the activity, encourage them to arrange the most commonly used two-letter terms. Next, you can read words from storybooks and circle the ones listed below. You can start with any of the following list of two-letter words:

































How To Start Phonics 2 Letter Words Learning For Kids?

If you are wondering how to introduce two-letter words for kindergarten kids, we have put together a list of pointers for you:

●     Fun and Educational Activities

One of the best ways to introduce two-letter words to your kids is through the use of flash cards. The Flash Cards for Toddlers: Letters & First 100 Words by Skillmatics could be the perfect pick for you. These vibrant double-sided cards have realistic imagery that will capture your child’s interest and attention.

●     Storytelling with Two-Letter Words

This could be a great bonding activity for parents and kids. Try crafting an engaging story with two-letter words that have a lot of appeal for your little one. Allow them to identify the words and even suggest some as the story unfolds. This won’t just enhance the knowledge of phonics through two-letter words, but will also give you and your kid something exciting to bond over. You could even use our Boredom Buster: Reusable Activity Mats (ages 3-6) to add some fun and graphic detailing to the story. This will also help speed up the process of two letter word recognition for your kid. 


●     Building Simple Sentences

Once you think that your child is getting the hang of two-letter words, you can progress to a more complex exercise. Always remember that your choice in terms of progress with learning games should resonate with your child’s interest otherwise the whole essence of learning will be lost.

●     Preschoolers' Two-Letter Word Learning Games

If you are looking for the perfect two-letter word games for your little ones, Skillmatics has exactly what you are looking for. The flash cards for toddlers: letters, numbers, shapes & colors (ages 1-4) is one of every parent’s favourites. These colourful double-sided flash cards will teach your kids different letters, numbers, shapes and colours.

●     Sight Words

Children learn very fast from sight words. When your kid is visually exposed to two-letter words, he/she will learn to recognise those words. This will embolden their confidence to try and read more complex words. It is great for motivating your child to pursue the art of reading. You can use ready to spell learning activities to carry out this exercise.

Parting Words - Ready To Spell Learning Activities

Two-letter words are like a gateway for kids to explore the vast realm of language learning and communication. With all that we have shared in this blog, it would be safe to infer that learning can be turned into a fun and engaging experience for children to encourage curiosity and handhold them through the process of learning. So, if you are eager to take your kid on a language adventure, Skillmatics’ preschool learning games collection would be a great way for you to get started this captivating journey.

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8 Republic Day Drawing Activities For Kids

8 Republic Day Drawing Activities For Kids

Republic Day is right around the corner and it is time to immerse your kids in the spirit of patriotism and creativity!


We have put together a list of Republic Day drawing ideas to acquaint your child with the significance of this day while honing their creative skills.


These Republic Day art activities aren’t just great as a creative activity, they also work wonders in instilling a sense of pride and solidarity in your little one.

Republic Day Sketches to Promote Patriotism

If you are looking for some amazing India Republic Day drawings that can encapsulate the essence and spirit of this day, the following ideas are going to work great for you: 

1.   The National Flag

This is an easy Republic Day drawing that can be done at home or school. You can break down the shape of our National Flag into easy shapes and encourage your kid to colour in these shapes to form the Indian Flag.

Source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/873487290199360472/


2.   Mahatma Gandhi

If you want your kid to learn about Mahatma Gandhi Ji’s ethos of truth and non-violence, you can simplify some significant characteristics about his countenance. For example, teach your kids to draw his round glasses and Khadi attire in an easy and interesting way. This Republic Day art activity about Mahatma Gandhi perfectly resonates with the spirit of this iconic day.

Source - https://in.pinterest.com/pin/836262224578752263/

Source - https://in.pinterest.com/pin/1108941108216687109/

3.   Ashoka Chakra

Teach your kid about drawing a wheel that has 24 spokes. This is one of the easiest ways of making them learn about the Ashok Chakra. Tell them all about its placement in the National Flag, and help them identify this as a symbol of law and righteousness.

Source - https://in.pinterest.com/pin/370210031874950776/

Source - https://in.pinterest.com/pin/832251206164148934/

4.   Tricolor Handprints

This is one of our favourite Republic Day easy drawings for kids! You and your kids can dip your hand in Saffron, White and Green colours and make imprints on chart paper. This is a vibrant art activity that personifies the spirit of solidarity and the importance of celebrating diversity (through different colours).

Source - https://in.pinterest.com/pin/767652699003720211/

Source - https://in.pinterest.com/pin/5981411999184289/

5.   Bubble Wrap Flag Printing

This is also a super fun and easy Republic Day drawing for kids! You can use a bubble wrap and dip it in the Tricolours of our national flag. Ask your kid to touch and feel the textured impressions of the bubble wrap. You can keep the resultant drawing as a souvenir for yourself and your kids.

Source - https://in.pinterest.com/pin/62698619804447222/


6.   Cotton Ball Indian Flag

Draw an outline of our National Flag on paper, then paste cotton balls along the shape of the flag. You can enlighten your kid about how the white cotton balls are attributed to peace and tranquillity.

Source - https://in.pinterest.com/pin/203717583135542589/

Source - https://in.pinterest.com/pin/1134062749895567232/

7.   Paper Art

You can ask your kids to make the Ashoka Chakra using chart paper. All they have to do is take a chart sheet or paper plate and draw a circle on it, then carve it out as neatly as possible. Next, your child can cut the extra parts with baby-safe scissors to create their own Ashoka Chakra. In addition to being a nice Republic Day drawing, you can also use this opportunity to tell your kids about the dynamic significance of this emblem.

Source - https://in.pinterest.com/pin/159385274303702885/

8.   Peacock Art

Take a large chart paper and gather up your favourite colours! Make your child dip their hands or fingers in the colours and make impressions on the chart paper resembling a peacock’s body and feathers. After that, use a paintbrush to refine the drawing and bring out a cohesive shape. Through the Republic Day drawing idea, you can tell your child about the significance of the peacock and how it is our National Bird.

Source - https://in.pinterest.com/pin/5277724538415582/

We hope the above Republic Day art activities will help your kids engage in some creative and interesting activities! This will inspirie them to take pride in the rich history of their country by celebrating Republic Day in their own sweet and creative way. To that end, you can check out Skillmatics’ mess free foam stickers craft set, printables and Indian map puzzle to get something for your child that aligns with the theme of Republic Day.

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