Bedtime Stories: 3 Amazing Ways To Read Short Bedtime Stories Before Going to Bed

When we reminisce about our childhood days, don’t we often cherish those tranquil moments when our parents or grandparents used to tuck us into bed? Our sleepy eyes eagerly awaited those enchanting bedtime stories!

Bedtime stories for kids always count for one of the best memories spent with our family at home. It’s the little moments like this that keep us going no matter how hard life gets. Don’t you want the same for your little ones?

Bedtime stories aren't just about lulling children to sleep; they also hone kids’ imagination, improve their language efficiency and fluency, create a special bond with the parents who are reading, and instil a love for storytelling that lasts a lifetime. Reading good bedtime stories to your children helps them develop essential life skills, so why skip it?

Let’s explore how parents can make storytime for kids fun and exciting, so they look forward to this reading session and make this bedtime routine truly unforgettable. But before that, you need to know the tricks and tips to pick books containing bedtime stories with fun pictures.

How to Choose the Right Story Book For Bedtime Storytelling?

Selecting the perfect bedtime storybook isn't just about grabbing the first book you see. There are numerous books published online and offline that do not offer any real value to kids, or contain stories unfit for kids. Selecting the perfect bedtime story is about creating an experience that your child takes a keen interest in, which grows their passion for reading.

Here are a few tips to help parents pick the right book for bedtime stories, thus making their children’s bedtime stories interesting:

  • Choose storybooks designed for your child's age, and developmental stage.
  • Colourful books with vibrant illustrations keep them hooked and boost their imagination 
  • Start with easy books that your child doesn’t struggle to understand
  • Don’t only focus on stories; make nighttime reading more fun by choosing books that are exciting and also educational, like the Peek-A-Boo Cloth Book.
  • Upgrade your reading session with the My Storybook Art Kit which improves cognitive skills, vocabulary, language skills and concentration. 

By carefully selecting children's bedtime stories, you can ensure that their nightly bedtime routine is not only enjoyable but also beneficial for your child's cognitive development.

Benefits Of Bedtime Stories For Kids

Studies show that bedtime stories benefit kids by improving their ideation and conceptualisation strength along with language skills. But there’s more to the story! Bedtime stories boost kids’ cognitive skills, make them more empathetic, hone emotional intelligence, and bond parents with children while also making your little one feel secure around the storyteller. Short bedtime stories are especially helpful, as they teach kids moral lessons that can shape them for life.

3 Interactive Ways to Read Night Stories

Reading stories at night are proven to make bedtime more entertaining, interactive, and intriguing!

1. Character Voice Modulation in Night Stories

Storytime is not a reading session. Blandly narrating the story doesn’t invoke any emotions in kids and it’s also devoid of the compelling factor that draws kids to stories. The only way to bring characters to life is by infusing your storytelling with dynamic voice modulation. Whether it's mimicking the gruff growl of a fearsome dragon or the gentle lilt of a fairy's song, make the most of your storytelling session by shifting your voice, tone and narration style as each character unfolds.

The Peek-A-Boo cloth book by Skillmatics proudly exhibits all the elements present in it to imitate animal voices and make the storytime session convivial. With its washable pages and cotton flaps inside, it’s 100% safe for your baby.

With short bedtime stories for kids added to your bedtime routine, you can create more magical memories. Bedtime stories should not only be about reading stories, but about emoting those tales to make these bed stories engaging and memorable.

2. Podcast Short Bedtime Stories

Busy parents often struggle to keep up with the routine of maintaining a regular storytime session. If it’s your story, don’t shy away from embracing the boons of the digital age we are living in. Every parent now owns at least one mobile phone. So simply hop on to YouTube on your mobile and browse through hundreds, if not thousands of kids’ channels like Skillmatics that post short bedtime stories and games online.

When the night hits, play the chosen story on the speaker and you just lay beside the little one to accompany him/her and not make him/her feel lonely.

Kids often grow a habit of penning down their own stories by being regularly involved in storytime sessions. These children’s bedtime stories shed light on their thought process and emotional well-being. It’s also a great practice to brush up on little ones’ vocabulary and writing proficiency. If you are willing to inspire your children to grow this same habit, the only way to do so is by handing him/her over Skillmatics’ My Storybook Art Kit. This kit includes writing prompts and colourful stickers that influence the little ones to think outside the box and come up with creative narratives.

3. Puzzle Storytelling

Skillmatics’ Floor Puzzle Games are the ideal play tool for toddlers around 3 to 7 years old. When parents are scouring through the net or the shelves of local brick-and-mortar kid's stores to find games that engage their child's critical thinking skills, puzzle storytelling comes to the rescue.

Puzzles are known to improve or hone kids’ spatial skills. And these puzzle games by Skillmatics also help kids identify animals, construction site tools and vehicles, and up in space beauties. So it’s undoubtedly beneficial to encourage them to piece together the puzzle to match it with the image supplied in the game box, find items/animals mentioned in the cards, solve riddles, and enjoy this not-so-traditional yet fun storytelling adventure. The jumbo puzzle pieces that come with the game make it perfect for toddlers or kids who are playing puzzle games for the first time or the 100th time. The flamboyant puzzle pieces and pictures are a joy to look at for both kids and parents.

As we now know how storytime for kids is not just storytime, rather it’s a medium to positively influence your children's lives/growth. Bedtime stories have always been a part of a kid's routine and it should not be disturbed.

While all these are true, kids’ storytelling sessions have gone through immense changes and it doesn’t need to be as it always was. Skillmatics’ kid-friendly games like My Quiet Book help kids refine essential skills like tying shoe laces, buttoning, unbuttoning, zipping up-down, and several other life skills that make living this life easier. Browse through our heavily functional, durable, safety-certified kids’ games that promise countless adventures yet to unfold.

Integrating puzzle storytelling into your child's playtime can be a fun alternative to traditional bedtime stories for kids. Even though bedtime stories are crucial, daytime activities like puzzle games can enrich their learning experience. Classic bed stories can be augmented with creative puzzle sessions that keep their minds active and engaged. Whether it's reading stories or piecing together puzzles, each activity contributes to their development. For short bedtime stories, Skillmatics offers a variety that fits perfectly into your bedtime routine, making children bedtime and night time stories a delightful end to their day.


What are the benefits of reading bedtime stories for kids?

Reading bed stories can help enhance kids' imagination and improve language skills. It also fosters a love for reading and creates a strong bond between the parent and child. 

How can bedtime stories improve a child's bedtime routine?

Including bedtime stories in a child's night routine establishes a consistent sleep schedule. These signals assist the brain in winding down and preparing for sleep, resulting in a smoother and more enjoyable transition to bedtime for both the child and the parent.

What are some effective storytelling techniques for bedtime?

To enhance bedtime storytelling, you can use various techniques such as using different voices for characters, adding sound effects and pausing to ask questions or share thoughts about the story.

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