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Crafting Magic with Pulses: Artistic Ideas for Kids

by Team Skillmatics on March 20, 2024

If there’s one thing that parents should take a keen look at about their kids, then it’s surely how little ones are keeping themselves engaged. Keeping your little ones engaged in innovative, fun learning activities paves the way to their future success. Kids who learn and have fun at the same time experience the benefits of early cognitive development, reasoning skills, and healthy psychological development. Which parent doesn’t want their kids to have a healthy mind and body? 

So if you’re seeking indoor games for kids that help them learn along the way, look no further than the humble pulses in your kitchen pantry! Yes, you heard it right – those colourful, nutritious legumes can double up as fantastic tools for exciting art projects that will keep your kids entertained for hours. In this blog post, we'll explore some creative and mess-free sensory bean activities for kids involving pulses that will spark your child's imagination and foster their artistic skills.

The Best 3 Pulses Activity for Kids

Let’s take a deep dive into the list of fun learning activities for kids using pulses: 

1. Pulse Mosaic Art

Kids can spend hours being creative with an assortment of dried pulses such as lentils, chickpeas, and beans. They only need a few blank papers, a stick of glue, pulses, and their immense creativity! They can create whatever they want on paper using the pulses in hand. There are endless possibilities to create patterns or vibrant images using different coloured pulses. From improving kids’ fine motor skills to introducing them to the concept of patterns and symmetry - the playtimes will be entertaining yet informative.

2. Pulse Sorting and Counting

If you want to help your kid get acquainted with different sorts of pulses, then this is the game for them! Sorting pulses by their names or types can be a fun learning game. Kids only need a handful of pulses of various types and that’s it! Challenge your child to sort them according to colour, size, or type. You can also ask them to count how many of each type of pulse they have sorted. This activity sharpens their cognitive skills and teaches concepts like categorization and numeracy.

3. Pulse Collage

When the usual arts & crafts materials and pulses come together, the results are nothing short of brilliant! Using blank papers, a glue stick, pulses and craft materials like glitter, feathers, and sequins together can create a collage masterpiece that your little one will be proud to show off. It’s the perfect solution to hone their creative bend of mind and lets them express themselves without the fear of judgement. You can also honour the little one’s hard work by turning it into wall art in your living room. The happiness in their eyes will warm your heart and encourage them to be more inventive in their approach to pulse activity.  

Other Unique Mess-Free Activities to Keep Kids Busy

While it’s true that pulse pasting activities might make a bit of a mess, there are plenty of other engaging, entertaining and mess-free activities for kids at home by Skillmatics that do not stress you out with extensive cleaning:

Unicorns & Princesses Art Kit (ages 4-9)

You’ll never believe until you get your hands on this that simply peeling stickers and pressing foil sheets can give birth to some of the most iconic, bright, colourful and stunning artwork. From unicorns and princesses to faraway lands, these kits come with pre-designed templates and foil sheets that let kids create amazing images without the hassle of traditional art supplies.

Up in Space No Mess Art Kit (ages 4-9)

Another mess-free fun kids' activity game that also involves simple peeling and sticking colourful foil sheets to complete themed scenes printed in the canvases. It’s the perfect game to unleash your little one’s imagination and fine-tune their motor skills without any mess or afterwards cleanup.

World Of Animals No Mess Art Kit (ages 4-9)

Let your kid’s imagination soar by keeping them busy with Skillmatics’ foil game. Introduce your child to the world of animals where there are no set rules to decide how the animals will look. They can play around with colours as much as they want. Your kid can also design the canvases using the cutouts of animals wherever they deem fit.

World of Dinosaurs Sticker Art (ages 3-7)

If your little one has played enough with foil sheets, and you want them to try something new, then simply introduce them to this dot-it artwork game. Just using colourful sticker dots of various sizes, the child can breathe life into the dinosaurs. This dot art game not only familiarises kids with dinosaurs but also plays a vital role in honing their imagination, hand-eye coordination, logical thinking and spatial reasoning. 

As we now have a great deal of indoor game ideas for kids, let’s inspire the little ones to spend time with games from this list. A combination of pulse activities and Skillmatics’ kid's activities is the perfect combination of indoor games for kids that stimulate them to help them learn concepts that otherwise kids are introduced to pretty late during the traditional learning period. So, raid your pantry, gather some pulses, and get ready to craft magic with your little ones! You can also explore Skillmatics' range of skill-building games and activities designed to engage young minds and foster holistic development. Let the learning adventures begin right at home!


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