DIY Projects – Maximize Creativity at Home

by Team Skillmatics on July 01, 2021

Maximize Your Child’s Creativity at Home

With quarantine and children at home due to the lockdown, free time has multiplied for your little ones! DIY (Do it yourself) projects are a great way to keep them occupied, for hours at a stretch and gives them the opportunity to maximise their creativity while at home. These activities are sure to keep them engaged and use items that you already have at home so that you can safely shelter in place (and minimise the need to step out).

10 ideas for DIY projects using household supplies:

  1. A Cue Tip Hedgehog – All you need is white clay, some cue tips and a black sharpie (you can even create a Pinterest board for inspiration).

  2. Origami Flowers – Create your own  flower bouquet (Mother’s day is around the corner after all). We offer other free & downloadable activities for it too.

  3. Paper Plate Basket for Baked Goods – Fold a paper plate into a paper basket for your baked goods! See here for the folding technique. You can use this for homemade brownies and cookies.

  4. Pencil Organizer – Using the inside cardboard liner of a toilet paper roll and some excess cardboard from another roll) – to use for your crayons/pens/pencils as you keep busy with our Skillmatics Pattern Puzzles, downloadable for free here.

  5. Seed Holders – Plant some seeds in an empty egg carton and soon you’ll have indoor plants! See this article for more instructions.

  6. A Puppet Theatre – create a puppet theatre! Using old felt/fabric you can create the costumes and the people can be cardboard cutouts or sock puppets.

  7. Bottle Cap Garden Worm – Collect bottle caps and then paint them green. With the help of an adult, pierce each bottle cap in the centre and then use a sturdy thread/string to tie together the bottle caps. Voila – a garden worm. Add on eye stickers if you have any or if not, draw out the eyes and stick them on separately. If you want to add a head, a corkscrew works excellently.

  8. Tissue Box Monsters – If you have an empty tissue box and some old table tennis balls (pom poms or anything round that you can throw), this is a fun and cute activity for your children! Once they build the monster, they can catch its food accordingly!

  9. Thumbprints Tree – Using their thumbprints as the “leaves” of the tree. Let your children map out their family trajectory. They can even add family photos/old stamps or other memories (e.g. a ticket stub or letter).

  10. Quarantine Cloth Mask – The how-to is a part of our Stay at Home Safety Kit.

We hope that both you and your child enjoy these safe and simple home-based DIY activities!


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