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Learn To Draw Fruits: Fun Drawing Activities For Little Artists

by Team Skillmatics on March 22, 2024

We can’t think of anyone who can deny the beauty and yummy taste of fruits. Not just for eating, fun drawing ideas of fruits are specially designed to let the little artists release their creativity while introducing them to the allure of different fruits. 

Moreover, Drawing isn’t just a fun activity but also an excellent way for children to polish their fine motor skills, and observation skills, and hone their artistic expression. In this blog, we have listed fun drawing ideas for kids, with easy-to-follow instructions that will provide hours of creative enjoyment for our cute artists.

Fruit Name Learning Made Fun With Skillmatics Fruit Puzzle Set

Are you looking for a fun activity to delight your child with an engaging and educational set of colourful puzzles? If yes, then look no further as Skillmatics has specially designed this Fruit Fun puzzle! It includes six different fruit puzzles with 21 puzzle pieces, starting with 3-piece puzzles and gradually progressing to 4-piece puzzles. There is also an instruction manual with necessary guidance to enhance your kids learning experience. 

Teach Fruit Name To Your Kids With Simple Fruit Drawing Ideas

Check out these ideas that talk about simple drawing steps for kids so that they can enjoy fruits by drawing and eating as well:

  • Apple Drawing
  • To draw an apple, all you have to do is make a simple circle and add a small stem on top. Try making two small leaves beside the stem as well.

  • Banana Drawing
  • You can make a curved shape for making a banana and then make a small stem at the top. Make some lines on the curved shape to represent the peel.

  • Orange Drawing
  • To make orange sketches for kids, you can make a circle and then add a small stem on top. To represent the texture of orange, you can make a few lines across the drawing.

  • Grapes Drawing
  • If you want to make a colourful drawing for kids of grapes, you can draw two circles and then add a small stem at the top of each circle. Connect the two circles to represent the grape bunch.

  • Kiwi Drawing
  • Kiwis are very easy to make. You can draw an oval shape and then make some small dots on its surface to represent seeds. Use colours to bring out its texture. 

    • Strawberry Drawing

    To make a strawberry, you can start by making the shape of a heart and then adding small seeds like dots on the surface. Don’t forget to make a small stem and leaves on top of the strawberry to give it an authentic look. 

    • Watermelon Drawing

    Start by making a large oval shape for the watermelon. You can then add green stripes on the outer side. Complete the drawing with small seeds inside the oval.

    By engaging in fun drawing ideas, you will be able to take your kid on an exciting and informative journey to explore the world of fruits through art. Explore the world of juicy apples, tropical pineapples and delicious berries with these art drawing activities.  It will also encourage children to appreciate the colours, shapes, and textures of various fruits. You and your child can enjoy fun drawing activities such as the My First Puzzle Fruit Fun puzzle set from Skillmatics as a fun activity or enjoy it as a creative break after studying. These simple drawings for kids are sure to inspire and entertain young minds while promoting a love for art and healthy eating.


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